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New Police Commissioner Prioritizes Partnership and Transparency

In a compelling address during a Change of Command ceremony at the Office of the Police Commissioner in St. Andrew on March 18, Dr. Kevin Blake, the recently installed Commissioner of Police, articulated his commitment to forging partnerships and promoting transparency in the battle against crime.

Addressing attendees, including government officials, law enforcement personnel, and members of the media, Commissioner Blake stressed the imperative of working together to address the pressing issue of crime and violence in Jamaica. He called for a departure from negativity and ineffective rhetoric, urging all stakeholders, particularly citizens, to join forces in confronting the challenges facing the nation.

“The Jamaica Constabulary Force is the agency tasked with the primary responsibility for reducing crime and violence in Jamaica,” Commissioner Blake asserted. “However, we welcome sincere partnerships and recognize that everyone has a role to play in this endeavor.”

Highlighting the crucial role of the media in disseminating accurate information, Commissioner Blake emphasized the need for transparency and accountability in public discourse. He called upon mainstream media outlets to uphold journalistic ethics and provide credible content to the public, underscoring the importance of accurate reporting in shaping public perception and decision-making.

In his address, Commissioner Blake also underscored the importance of leveraging technology and intelligence to stay ahead of criminal activities. He reaffirmed the commitment of the Jamaica Constabulary Force to enhancing its capabilities and employing cutting-edge tools to combat crime effectively.

Community engagement emerged as another cornerstone of Commissioner Blake’s strategy, with a focus on building trust and fostering cooperation between law enforcement agencies and the public. He emphasized the importance of maintaining open lines of communication and collaboration to create safer neighborhoods and empower communities to take an active role in ensuring public safety.

Furthermore, Commissioner Blake highlighted the significance of transparency and accountability within the Jamaica Constabulary Force, citing the attainment of ISO 9001 certification as a testament to the organization’s commitment to quality management processes. He pledged to uphold high professional standards and ensure that actions taken by the police are just, fair, and in the best interest of the communities they serve.

In concluding his address, Commissioner Blake reiterated his dedication to serving the people of Jamaica with integrity and competence. He expressed confidence in the men and women of the JCF and welcomed individuals to join the force in its mission to safeguard the nation’s security.

Commissioner Blake’s remarks signal a new era of collaboration and transparency in law enforcement efforts in Jamaica, with a renewed focus on partnership, accountability, and community engagement in the fight against crime.

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