Perspective: As the USA Celebrated Their 244th Independence, it did so With Clouds of Racism Hanging Over Their Head

July 6, 2020 | By Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie |


The death of George Floyd by racists police, led by Derek Chauvin et al. They have been criminally charged and fired from the police service. The reenergizing of the Black Lives Matter movement has exposed the shame of systemic racism which is deeply entrenched in Trump’s White House. For example Donald Trump continues to stoke divisions in the American society by standing up for symbols and monuments erected to slavery as the cornerstone for his re-election bid for another four years in the White House. We reject this type of campaigning. This is dehumanizing of black people who have built America as they were enslaved there and who continue to be targets of systemic racism especially in housing and being targeted by racist police being killed for breaking or suspected for breaking traffic laws. That must stop as self-respecting people like blacks whose contribution have built the American society. We also condemn the police for their treatment of native people which continues to be a disgrace. There should no second class citizens in America. Especially after people like Martin Luther King Jr, and Rosa Parks and many others used their platforms … yet they continue to lose their lives in an effort to make America a better society. Please stop it now.

Under our analysis the COVID -19 pandemic has been shooting up and Donald Trump and others have been ignoring sound scientific evidence for refusing to the wearing of a mask, keeping social distancing the washing of hands on a regular basis which stem the outbreak of covid-19. Yet President Trump and associates especially those around him have failed to recognize the scientific advice and at the moment over 2 million approaching 3 million infections are recorded in America. Also approaching 130,000 deaths … the country has 4% of the world’s population yet 25% of all deaths from COVID … this is unacceptable and the world is now seriously being threatened by the spread of covid-19. Jamaica is depending on tourism and United States for example happens to be about 70% of their tourist industry. The country has noticed that they have been increasing daily in covid infections and most of these cases almost 90% are coming in from United States of America. We find most unacceptable.

Monuments and Symbols of Racism.

The American people especially BLM has been toppling monuments and symbols of racism example the Confederate flag and in Virginia a former enslaver recently. The president of the United States a wold leader, has been championing these former slave owners some of whom have sexually assaulted and even raped female slaves … yet he’s installing those people as he said “They are heroes” The Black Lives Movement has been targeting non patriotic individuals like rapist and slave owners. This elevation by Trump is a disgrace to the human race.

We have long opined that: Racism is an affront to decency.” These symbols of racism must be toppled.

This is our perspective as we look at the 244th anniversary of the American independence. An Independence that came about caused by bloodshed. Symbols of racism and division today in the USA, especially under the Presidency of Donald J Trump … we look forward to a change in leadership, November 2020 and we hope that former Vice President Joe Biden all the success for the Democrats.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is senior National and International Correspondent for Vision Newspaper.

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