Perspective: New Town Hall For Morant Bay, St. Thomas Revisited

 James Robertson, MP said “after some 152 years since Paul Bogle’s demise. I share 90 percent of your dream Dr. Fenton Ferguson but not your little scepticism” … to prolonged applause. Some of the following persons were from or served in St. Thomas: Isaac Barrant, Pearnel Charles, Phillip Paulwell, Fenton Ferguson , Ken Clarke, Errol Anderson, and myself James Robertson, to name a few.

Floyd Green said 16 young advisers will advise the Government. Last year some 6000 young people took part in the national Summer Work Programme.  We introduced Sparks based on representation by MP James Robertson.  Youth Access Point in Queen’s Street this year.  PM Youth Awards this year to recognize 55 youngsters.


850 to 2500 dollars per student, the State Minister is driving the Youth Agenda.

Minister Daryl Vaz, Minister Without Portfolio in the Ministry of Economic Growth & Job Creation,  a ministry under the Prime Minister Andrew Holness stated that: “My commitment to as the Minister responsibility for these portfolios in my ministry will never wane”

FCJ, NWA, NEPA and NWC. PPP … is public private partnership … new must make the path clear for development. We must be facilitators, not to impede.  We have to right the wrongs for Job Creation. Let us pull together as we were elected to so do.

Desmond McKenzie

It is a privilege to take part in the second of the series of Town Hall meetings. The first building on this site will be the New Municipality Building, it will be the finest in the Caribbean.  A contract for a New Yallahs Fire Station to be signed … it will cost some ja$20 million to renovate the Morant Bay Market. Additional 6 shelters for the area also an additional 35 million for rehabilitation. We ask that when asked to move please do so for safety reasons. Lives cannot be refurbished.

Factories Corporation- Littleton Shirley

This is a good year for Good Year. PM mandated me to come here and visit Morant Bay and St. THOMAS in general.  Why not have a good Court House, University.  There was a
Video presentation demonstrating how the new proposed 3000 jobs in the Business Processing Operations (BPO), Family Court, PICA, Justice Square. Maritime University, Heritage Park,, Amphitheatre. Cost of energy saving devices by installing Wind Turbines … cost 4 Billion.  Morant Bay urban centre, a blueprint for future development.


Prime minister Holness giving his condolences to the UK covered by Vision Newspaper Caribbean news
Photo: Jamaican Prime Minister Hon. Andrew Holness

We are here about the people’s business. A partnership with the blessing of God. Some over 150 years ago Paul Bogle along with William Gordon gave the supreme sacrifice with their lives to build this parish.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie who is a native of St. Jamaica, is also Senior International Correspondent & photojournalist for Vision Newspaper.

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