Perspective: On New Family, Youth & Child Services Act

Minister Coteau picThe announcement of  the pending legislative activity: The Family, Youth & Child Services Act is a great move. The provision as outlined by Minister Coteau has new approaches and initiatives as outlined to better the lives of Families, Children & Youths.  Among the provisions are  going to be a unified Adoption Agency, which should make for easier monitoring of standards, and application of criteria.

We await the debate and possibly amendments to the draft act as presented by Minister Coteau.  We must add that:

Any deal to improve the lot of Ontario’s children must be commended.

Raising the age from 16-18 can only mean that there will be more resources for a longer period.

The expressed intention to pay closer recognition to minorities, is a step in the right direction.

The “One Vision One Voice” plan is a good initiative.  Race based identity will mean that when planning and placing youths at risk, attention will be focused on their ethnic background.  This can enhance the long term resettlement of children and youths to ensure success. The focus will be on the child and the child alone.


Closer attention to Indigenous and Black children is good … by “Making services more culturally appropriate for all children in the child welfare system, including Indigenous and Black children and youth to help ensure they receive the best support.”


This new approach to Family, child and Welfare Services can only auger well for our future leaders. Ontario will have a bright future if legislation is enacted. This is a visionary move and we applaud same.

We hope the parliament will buy into the one vision one voice plan … and it will be a model for all.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International Correspondent & photojournalist for Vision Newspaper Canada.


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