Perspective: Prominent Jamaican Politician Implicated in Murder … Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Paula Llewellyn … “Informant Lacks Credibility”

DPPAs a media we are hard pressed to expose alleged atrocities, corruption, and misconduct in whatever shape or form. This exposure is not without considerable risks like legal action for defamation of character liable by the prominent accused if a politician. In fact legal action for defamation of character, was initiated but discontinued.

Prosecutorial Misconduct

The DPP Paula Llewellyn responding to questions regarding her decision not to prosecute stated to the effect that the evidence did not meet the threshold and alleged witnesses have “credibility” issues. She had no choice but not to proceed.

les-green-former-acp-scotland-yard-1Former Assistant Commissioner of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) Les Green previously of the Scotland Yard has been commenting on the case. In an interview published in a Miami Newspaper … Green was critical of the DPP’s handling of the case. Do be reminded that this is an ongoing investigation.

The DPP as stated above asserted inter alia that the evidence was shaky and possible prosecution witnesses lacked credibility. For the DPP to have conspired with the police to proffer criminal charges knowing very well that the chances of a conviction would be as successful as a peanut shell surviving in hell would have be shameful.

In my perspective it would be grossly irresponsible for this constitutional officer to have acted speculatively or in a reckless manner having sworn to protect the human rights and freedoms of all, even the accused, and thereby uphold the Constitution. To have done otherwise would be a dereliction of duty, if not also, a betrayal of trust. We would have been very scathing if the DPP was deemed to been guilty of Judicial Misconduct.

We Hold No Brief …

We hold no brief for the DPP Paula Llewellyn … in fact we are on record of being critical of her handling of the case of ex- Mayor Shernette Haughton, of Lucea, Hanover. You will recall that Dirk Harrison, Contractor General of the Office of the Contractor General (OCG). disagreed with the DPP not to prosecute Haughton. Harrison took the DPP to Court … before the Court ruled the DPP’s office stopped the case and reversed their decision not to prosecute Haughton. We never failed to say the DPP Llewellyn had “egg” on her face.


Today we say congrats Paula Llewellyn for deciding not to prosecute that prominent politician. “You cannot build a case on shaky evidence.”

It was not the DPP who failed to renew Les Green’s employment contract.

To former PNP Minister Noel Ascot we say … do not comment in a manner that gives the impression that you are trying to politicize our judicial system.

Justice is supposed to be colour blind … we salute the DPP for her integrity & professionalism.

We are not about ruining careers on unreliable, speculative evidence or malice … we have no ulterior motive but the truth.

As usual the verdict is yours …

Hopeton O’CONNOR-DENNIE-Dennie is Senior International Correspondent & Photojournalist for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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