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Population Media Center’s (PMC) Collaboration in Nepal Achieves Impactful Change through Entertainment

BURLINGTON, Vt. and NepalJune 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — For a mere 91 cents, individuals contributed to transforming social norms that hinder child marriage, enhancing adolescent reproductive health, and reducing violent discipline for children in Nepal.

This groundbreaking achievement was made possible by the Population Media Center (PMC), an organization dedicated to creating life-changing popular entertainment for a more equitable and sustainable world.

PMC’s recent collaboration in Nepal resulted in the creation of an entertaining fictional radio show called Rope Guna Fal (“You Reap What You Sow”). This captivating program successfully engaged an estimated 325,026 Nepalis every week, with PMC spending only $0.91 per loyal listener. The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and The Kendeda Fund provided funding for this initiative, which was produced in partnership with Antenna Foundation Nepal. Throughout the 104-episode story, the show inspired loyal listeners who eagerly awaited each episode, ultimately becoming local change-makers themselves.

Rajan Parajuli, PMC’s Country Director in Nepal, remarked, “We have observed significant shifts in intention and behaviors on parenting, child marriage, and adolescent reproductive health among regular listeners. PMC’s multi-issue approach allows for nuanced and varied storylines.”

Rope Guna Fal focused on addressing crucial local needs in Nepal, including reducing child marriage, improving adolescent sexual and reproductive health, and strengthening parenting skills to enhance child well-being. While the Nepalese government has implemented various programs and policies to tackle these issues, deeply entrenched cultural norms and traditional practices continue to impede progress. PMC recognizes that sustainable change requires collaboration among government bodies, health organizations, schools, service providers, and community members, to create an enabling environment for transformation.

The show prompted 54,000 listeners to intend to stop child marriage, 88,000 listeners to believe in open discussions about sexually transmitted diseases among adolescents, and 72,000 listeners to reject violent discipline as a form of child rearing. In fact, listeners were 3.8 times more likely than non-listeners to take action against child marriage.

PMC’s role in the ecosystem is clear: to create award-winning, popular entertainment for TV, radio, or the web that positively transforms lives. By tapping into human hearts and minds, PMC stories featuring relatable characters and familiar communities empower listeners to understand their own agency and make impactful choices.

By harnessing the power of storytelling, PMC challenged child marriage norms, improved reproductive health for adolescents, and strengthened parenting skills in Nepal.

SOURCE Population Media Center

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