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Powerman Calls For Safer Sex

Jamaica born US- based Powerman is calling for safer sex. He is advising partners worldwide to be aware of HIV, a sexual transmitted infection which has claimed the lives of some 630,000 people in 2022.

The singjay who works as a hospital nurse has a collaboration with AZEE, Mr. Lexxx, Junior Cat, DYCR titled, “Who Have It (HIV)”.  The song is produced by Norman “AZEE” Owen and his brother Ansel on Crown International label.

“With Valentine’s Day just passing February 14, this is the perfect song to digest.

“This is also the perfect timing to have HIV awareness, because so many people in the world is going into a period of love-making, which comes with Valentine and unprotected sex.

“If everyone was conscious and had fears about HIV, we would not have so many health issues in our lives.”

HIV can be spread by contact with infected blood and from illicit injected drug use of sharing needles. It can also spread from mother to child during pregnancy and breast feeding.

There are 38 million people worldwide living with HIV or AIDS. In the case of Jamaica, some 27,000 people are living with HIV.

Powerman recalls that, “as a youth growing up in Waterhouse, Kingston, my mom and dad would tell us to follow their examples in having one partner.”

Powerman is appealing to lovers to be responsible in whatever they do.

“Don’t take chances, you might regret the day. Having irresponsible sex can also lead to another unplanned child.”

“I always wanted to do a HIV project which is linked to music. AZEE’ a record producer, told me about this (HIV project). I was interested because I knew the world was waiting for something like this.

“AZEE’ sent me a a demo of the song and the number of artistes on the project. All I had to do was to fit my part of the combination.

“For my part, it took about 30 minutes to write, recorded at Marvin studio on Red Hills Road.

“On hearing the complete song I knew it would be a chartbuster, if given full media support.

“I started sending the song to a lot of radio stations following the release.

“We have been getting great feedback and is considering a music video as this will cement the quality of the song.”

According to AZEE, “the song is being played on Wild Love Reggae Radio in Italy; specifically Touch 90.1 fm and Jah Vibe in Bronx. In addition, to Peace Reggae radio in Nigeria.”

The song also has a strong presence in Germany and France.

Powerman, given name Michael Davey grew up in Waterhouse, Kingston and Stony Hill, St. Andrew before migrating to US in 2018.

He has released more than 50 songs and 20 music videos. He has 2 albums to his credit- Black Book Diary a compilation of 17 tracks, produced by Powerman; Ambition with some 14 tracks produced by Chiney K from Stone Love International sound system. Among his favourite songs are Stone, Serious Things, Gal A Call and Wrong Set A Man.

He has toured and performed in Canada, US, the Caribbean and Europe, among others.

His present project is an album to be released soon.

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