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Powerman’s Tribute To Jamaica

Powerman known for his ‘Stone’ hit some years ago has certainly hit the bullseye with a song which could make him a giant in reggae land this year.

The Jamaican-born New York based singjay has released ‘Tribute To Jamaica’, along with a must-see music video, released September 28, 2023.

Powerman is passionate about Jamaica and his confidence never ceases to amaze.

“My country Jamaica is beautiful and rich in so many ways. So, what better way to pay homage but by making this song a souvenir for all seasons.

“Jamaica is that unique place of returning when one wants peace of mind and relaxation; to enjoy abundance of sunshine and miles of uninterrupted beaches.

“Jamaica is paradise,” Powerman keeps repeating.

“Our ackee and saltfish is finger-licking, so too is our roasted breadfruit and jerked pork.

“Here in New York where my family lives we still  relish the sumptuous taste of Jamaican Christmas Day offerings- sorrel, Christmas pudding, rice and peas, ham and lots of fruits.”

My mind reflected on the many personalities which have helped to shape our success.

Powerman was right on point.

“The song also looks at the power of Usain Bolt, dubbed the fastest man on earth. Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce and Marcus Garvey. They are just some of our icons we should emulate.

“I believe that the Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) should use this song in their advertising campaign, both local and abroad.

“The video should be shown on every platform throughout the world; on cruise ships, airline arrival and departure lounges ,while Billboards should reflect the importance of Jamaica and its people.

I was just about to ask just what a lot of people would be thinking, but Powerman seems to have covered my grounds.

“The riddim surrounding Tribute to Jamaica was built by Edgar Parish of parish Records. This is a foundation riddim – a remake of Answer which field artistes, including Sister Nancy, and Brigadier Jerry.

“I am always missing Jamaica when I am out of the country, and so when I heard the riddim I immediately began playing around with words which later become chorus and verses.

Powerman born Michael Davey is from Waterhouse, Kingston 11.

He got interested in music through his brother Noel Davey aka Sleng Teng.

A homemade recording studio at his fingertips gave him (Powerman) the opportunity to meet several artistes.

He has mastered the stage on Jamaican soil and overseas performing on such shows as Sting, Sumfest and Icons of the Dancehall.

Powerman has two albums to his credit, a 14-track titled ‘Ambition’ and ‘Black Book Diary’ consisting of 18 tracks.

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