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June 23, 2021 | Sasha Stoltz |

Sandy Daley’s Chronicles of a Black Woman: A Sketch Comedy will screen virtually at the 2021 Toronto Fringe Festival, July 21-31.  The one-woman animated digital stage play stars writer, producer, director and actress, Sandy Daley.  The always groundbreaking award-winning artist leans on her own experiences as a Caribbean woman, single mother and storyteller for the project.  

The one-woman show sees Daley portray three different characters, an Afrocentric black woman, a Caribbean woman and a single mother. Daley brings these characters to life with a mix of raw emotions & the truth of our reality.  The multi-talented Actress, and Producer instantly relates to her audiences, a relationship & comfortability that Daley’s fans have come to know.  A relationship that comes from deeply personal performances, in this case, that delves into the feelings of black women as they navigate a society that is fraught with systemic racism.                                        

Sandy Daley’s passion and commitment to the honesty of her work is well documented. Winner of the Governor Generals’ Award for Excellence, the Rising Star Award from Centennial College & named Toronto Fringe Festival Artist of The Year in 2020Daley is acutely aware of the responsibility that comes with her craft.  Her critically acclaimed first novel, “Whose Vagina Is It, Really?” made the bestsellers list with a second edition being released in July. Soon to be a play, under the blanket of the Toronto Fringe.   A Torontonian, originally from Kingston, Jamaica, Daley hit the ground running, starring in Christene Browne’s, “Another Planet” & winning the Spirit Award for Favorite Columnist.   Daley’s syndicated column, Real Talk With Sandy was published in New York, Toronto and Barbados. 

Her previous screenwriting projects include “Untamed Chicks”Daddys Not Around: DNA” and her current project, a teen series, The Wright Girl: all starring black leads.  Daley, a longtime advocate for social justice and women’s rights, is the founder of the Whose Body Is It, Really? Empowerment Symposium, for the prevention of sexual violence against women and Mothers Against Violence Against Black Children. The organization fights systemic racism against black children.  Sandy Daley’s craft is very much a part of the woman she is and the legacy she is building. 


“CHRONICLES OF A BLACK WOMAN: A SKETCH COMEDY” can be seen during the Toronto Fringe Festival, July 21-31.   


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