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Profit Revelation Tune Hits Cheaters

July 15, 2023 | By Supa Pea |

Versatility counts in music. It offers artistes the opportunity to navigate a wider landscape in the music industry. And, for that very reason, an artiste may be able to determine his or her longevity.

One artiste who is learning to keep himself relevant is Profit Revelation.

His song Cheaters was recorded at Yardback studio; mixed and mastered at Anchor Recording studio. Cheaters is on the Issachar Muzik label, released July 7, 2023 and distributed byTuff Gong International.

Profit Revelation believes he has hit the conscience of many persons by selecting a topic as Cheaters.

“This is truly universal, because not a day passes when cheating is not a talking point. And, there is no boundary because cheaters exist in every single country. No one seems to be immune to cheating and the cure is not like taking a few tablets”.

According to researchers, cheating or infidelity, is the act of being unfaithful to a spouse or other partner. Studies have revealed eight key reasons for cheating: anger, low self esteem, lack of love, low commitment, need for variety, neglect, sexual desire and circumstance.

Profit Revelation is confident Cheaters will send a positive message to the world.

“We need to stop all this domestic violence because of Cheating. The more people we reach the better our chances  to make this world a better place to live.”

Profit Revelation, born Barrington Campbell, has done some solid work in music. The Spanish Town. St, Catherine deejay, joined the campaign to rid violence in the community with a song titled, Gun Dawg. The video reached close to a million views in Jamaica.

He later released “Madda Bang Yu Belly” reflecting the pain one feels when a son is murdered.

His other songs include, “Eat What We grow…Grow What We  Eat”, which encourages self sufficiency.

He has entered the JCDC (Jamaica Cultural Development Commission) Popular Song competition several times, which he hopes to win.

Supa Pea

Supa Pea is an award winning entertainment reporter with Vision Newspaper. Reach Supa Pea at

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