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Pull Up With Nessa Preppy

June 30, 2020 | By Adanna Asson |

Nessa Preppy is staying busy! She is once again pushing the creative envelope and cementing her existence in the entertainment industry. This time, her Carnival 2020 smash single “Pull Up”which features Salty is now being brought to life through visuals. The video, if nothing else, is certain to lift your spirits. 

The dreadlocked beauty and Trinidad and Tobago-based artiste has been enjoying steady progression in her career and is best known for her hit singles ‘Snack’, ‘Tingo’ and ‘Splash’ to name a few. Just recently, she released a track titled ‘So High’ which is an expression of her support and advocacy for the responsible use of marijuana. ‘

Nessa’s unpredictability as an artiste is one of her many unique attributes. Her sound and songs are considered to be risque which gels flawlessly with her personality on and off stage. “I am always thinking about bringing joy to music lovers and fans” she shares, “Yes, I want to be happy with my musical projects but it is also important that those supporting me feel the same way also,” added Preppy when sharing her thought process behind releasing this music video. She believes that the time is fitting and sees an opportunity to build a stronger relationship with her fanbase.

She is aware of her potential and willing to take the risks required. Nessa is presently preparing for the upcoming release of her first album which features appearances from artistes from Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica and The USA.

Adanna Asson is an Entertainment Publicist with Creative Media PR

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