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Put Fun and Jokes Aside With Record Producer & artiste Ricardo “Tinue” Brown

August 25, 2022 | By Supa Pea |

Rastafarian record producer/ artiste Ricardo “Tinue” Brown is working overnight to make his All-Spikes Production label a brand.

His studio, based in Lancaster, Kingston 10, has been attracting the likes of Capleton and Bounty Killer.  Last week, I pulled him out of his work schedule to see if  we could just relax and have time for a little fun and laughter.

Q: if you had a week to live and doctors prescribe a pound af jerked pork to save your life, would you eat it?
A:  Not even an ounce of pork.  I am a true rastafarian. A man of principles. I am not  the one to hide and  eat pork. I have morality. Some people don’t have any of these. I would rather die.

Q: what type of woman energise your spark plugs.?
A: A woman with a caring mind, understandinģ and loyal. Absolutely no freaks.

Q:How many girls have you ever disappoint in life?
A: Can’t recall. I may not disappoint a girl who feel otherwise.It depends on what they see as disappointment.

Q: Do you think rastas should keep matie like ball-head?
A: Everyone to their own order.

Q: What would you do if you woke up and find a strange, naked woman in your room?
A. I would ask her how she got into my room, then call the police to get her out if she won’t leave

Q: Supposed she was making an advance to you?
A: No woman can’t rape this rasta. Just leave the room till the police arrive.

Q: What would you do if your female partner  tell you its all over without a reason?
A: This rass nah go kill har and  heng myself like a fool. I am ready to leave without an argument. She is not the only woman around.

Q: Do you believe in heaven and hell?
A: It’s all about a mindset. You can be in heaven or hell depending on how you look at life. Heaven and hell is right here in earth.

Q; Do you believe in duppy?
A: Again, this is a state of mind. Some people tell some serious lies on the dead. But, nevertheless we do live in a spiritual world, expect anything.

Q: which female artiste would you love to produce?
A. It would have to be Tanya Stephens and Etana. I love Etana style. As for Tanya, she writes well and that comes out in her lyrics.

Q: what’s the right age for a girl to start having sex?
A: I would say 18. Some of these girls can’t even look after themselves more so baby which is sometimes the outcome  of having sex.

Q: What’s the best dream you ever had?
A: I was flying all over Europe, Asia and Africa. Flying all by myself. Even when I woke up I felt it was never a dream.

Q: If you got the opportunity to marry any woman you want, who would she be?
A: My current partner because of this beautiful person that she is.

Supa Pea

Supa Pea is an award winning entertainment reporter with Vision Newspaper. Reach Supa Pea at

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