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Record Label Reinvents Hip-Hop with Refreshing New Sound

ALPHARETTA, Ga.Jan. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Georgia-based music company Emerald Nation Entertainment has elected to place its indelible mark on the World of Hip-Hop Music, by introducing a 10-year old recording artist and phenom, distinguishably named: “Prince Marc Jakob.” With an extraordinarily refreshing sound, as well as an unmistakably positive message, “PMJ” has taken the recording industry by storm with his captivating topics, and infectious lyrics on titles such as, “Tik-Tok,” “We Are” and “People’s Champ.” Integrating an ingenious writing style, along with a diverse production selection, “Prince Marc Jakob” has captured the hearts and minds of audiences worldwide.

Marc Jakob is truly a gifted “Straight A” 5th grade student, and has recently achieved a remarkable milestone in entertainment, reaching over 2 Million “Digital Streams” in only 4 months on global platform giants such as, Apple, Tidal, Amazon, SoundCloud and more. Since his initial single release date of October 05, 2022, “PMJ” has gained over 25,000K monthly listeners on Spotify Music for his various song titles, including additional tracks such as, “7 days”, “Ki 2 to the Streets” and “Stay in School”; along with being featured in notable National DJ Pools, such as “Nerve” and “Digiwaxx” DJs.

Coined amongst Music Taste-Makers and avid listeners as “The Baby Jay-Z” for his imaginative topics and innovative lyrical prowess, “PMJ” is spearheading a once professedly vacant genre of Hip-Hop & Rap Music performed by pre-teen adolescents. Following in the footsteps of trailblazing recording artists such as “Kris Kross,” “Lil’ Bow Wow,” and “Lil’ Romeo,” “Prince Marc Jakob” exceptionally incorporates virtuous messages of higher education, self-esteem and personal success into an era in which topics of illicit and negligent lifestyles engulf Hip-Hop.

Commencing his journey into the field of entertainment at the tender age of only 5 years old, “Prince Marc Jakob,” born Marc Jakob Lewis, began composing music productions and creating unique dance routines very young, which explains his natural flair for developing his current single releases. When asked why he chose to pursue a career as a Hip-Hop artist, “PMJ” replied, “I really love writing and creating songs because it makes people happy, and can generate positive changes in the world.”

With the current success of “Prince Marc Jakob,” the future appears to be paved with gold for Emerald Nation Entertainment and its exceptional new sound, which is currently distributed internationally by Sony Music/The Orchard.

SOURCE Emerald Nation Entertainment LLC

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