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February 9, 2022
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Romieikon Turns To Channel 28

February 9, 2022 | Vision Newspaper |

Evolution in one’s craft is a firm belief for digital marketer and global independent music curator Romario ‘Romieikon’ English and as such he opted to venture into the world of music production.

In a recent interview with VP Records as a part of their industry focus feature, the producer shared that he gained recognition on the production scene after releasing “Rolling” with Spice in 2020.

After having what he dubs a worthy entrance, Romieikon released the Beat Zinc Fence rhythm, a 90’s Dancehall influenced beat comprising only young artistes.

Strategically placing only young acts on the beat, Romieikon was able to create the impact he intended as the compilation has garnered over one million digital streams while copping features from major music curators like Pandora & Apple Music.

Today, English is gearing up to release his highly anticipated ‘Channel 28’ rhythm which he previewed across social media platforms recently.

The rhythm will feature a similar line up like that of the ‘Beat Zinc’ featuring artistes such as; Devin Di Dakta, Deeclef, Xx3eme, Kacique and for the first ever collaboration together with Knaxx.

When asked about his impending release, Romario shared; “I strive to create music that is different and to give music lovers music they never knew they needed until they have heard it. Channel 28 is much smoother than the Beat Zinc Fence and pays homage to a whole different time in music. Its dedicated to the ladies mostly as Deeclef’s single X Rated is set to be released on February 14”

With the remaining singles set for a March 1st release, Romieikon has expressed that visuals can be expected for this compilation as well.

“I am looking forward to breaking musical barriers with this release because it definitely packs the components necessary to do that. It’s a crossover between Reggae Contemporary and R&B with Dancehall artistes delivering in a way their fans have never heard before. I am excited to be positively contributing to my industry and Channel 28 is here to set the tone for many great projects to come. I am currently in talks with the artistes as it relates to releasing visuals and the only thing I will share is that the ladies are in for a treat” Expressed English.

Other releases from RomieIkon include; The ‘World Tour’ rhythm, a collaborative project with Khary ‘Xx3eme’ Cammock and the ‘HungOver’ rhythm which was released in honor of Dane Sortie.

SOURCE British Link

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