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Ron Muschette

Veteran Irie FM broadcaster Ron Muschette is about to launch a World Reggae Top 20 chart countdown. The countdown will be aired during his weekly morning show on Irie FM and published in the local press.

According to the Muschette, the idea of the chart was born out of a need to expose the work of artistes, both locally and internationally. Songs for consideration will be accepted via email, however, they will have to meet certain criteria.

“The quality of the single must be of high standard. A promotional plan for the single is to be outlined – the name of the artiste, producer, name of the song, and the label has to be submitted. A photo and biography of the artiste is to be submitted,” Muschette explained.

He added, “All reggae songs worldwide will be considered, based on popularity, digital downloads, physical sales and request of your song through our Ron Muschette World Reggae Top 20 Chart research department, playlist from radio stations worldwide, voting, TV stations, streets, live concerts and other music network media. We will not be accepting submissions through phone communication, Facebook, Twitter, other social media or drop-offs. All the above must be sent via email to

Songs containing profanity or expletives will not be accepted. Only songs from the reggae sub genre will be considered.

A change

“We are going to change the way that charts are being done and we are also going to make sure everything has credibility, stability and most importantly, of very high quality,” Muschette reiterated.

The Ron Muschette World Reggae Top 20 chart is set to premiere in early October.


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