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Self-Expression Is Our Goal, and Fashion Is its Boldest Language

F.L.Y – First Love Yourself Fashions Debuts Line of Signature Clothing and Accessories to Voice the Desires of a Self-Confidant Generation

WASHINGTONMarch 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — FLY Fashions ( officially announced the launch of its signature logo-gear collection, designed for customers who want to get noticed and express their own unique style, while staying on-trend with the latest in American fashion. With clothing and accessories available for men and women, FLY Fashions offers a whole range of logo-choices that allow people to speak their truth to the world. FLY Fashions is also proud to have 2016 IAAF World Indoor Championship sprinter, Tameka Jameson, as a brand ambassador. FLY Fashions collections are available for purchase online.

F.L.Y – First Love Yourself Fashions is a lifestyle brand that sets out to embody love for culture, values, aspirations, spirit, and most of all self.

FLY Fashions: A Socially Conscious Collection of Self Expression

At its heart, FLY Fashions is a lifestyle brand that sets out to embody a deep love for culture, values, aspirations, spirit, and most of all: self-love. Whether it is the important impact of social justice movements like Black Power, or the whimsical fun of Big Daddy and Culinary King male logos, FLY Fashions includes a wide spectrum of sartorial statement pieces designed to reflect a pursuit of fairness, while also inspiring and motivating people to live their truths and have fun.

FLY Fashions includes branding and logo-gear emblazoned with a variety of cultural social movement taglines and slogans, including:

  • GET’N IT FLY: A signature Hustlepreneur logo that speaks to a generation doing what they have to do, just to succeed: virtual work, side-hustles, and juggling multiple projects in a gig economy.
  • #BLESSED and P.R.A.Y.: Important nods to the spiritual forces that guide and shape people throughout their lives, recognizing the divine power within.
  • MAGICAL MELANIN and BLACK POWER: Strong support for the pursuit of justice and social equality for all.
Get’n It FLY because you are the one to watch.

“Logo-gear has been an important fashion movement going all the way back to Coco Chanel in the early 1900s,” said Pharice Brown, CEO and Creative Lead of FLY Fashions. “But its modern expressions have their roots firmly established in Black culture and the logomania of 1980s America. Hip-Hop music and fashion-designer icons like Dapper Dan in Harlem turned fashion into a cultural revolution. And it’s important to understand that history, because FLY Fashions is building on a legacy of self-expression that often speaks to the needs of an entire generation. Fashion is more than just clothing and accessories – it’s living history. Cultural artifacts, encoded with important messages about the status, heritage, and social concerns of those who wear them.”

In addition to retail, FLY Fashions offers its products to wholesalers and provides multi-level marketing opportunities for budding entrepreneurs, while also working to establish a scholarship program for Black entrepreneurs.

For information on the latest emerging fashion trends and new FLY apparel releases, follow them on social media: FacebookTwitterPinterestInstagram.

About F.L.Y – First Love Yourself Fashions

Established in 2018 by entrepreneur, Pharice Brown, FLY Fashions is a socially conscious movement that embraces max-volume individuality and bold style, utilizing personalized clothing and accessories as a medium for personal expression. FLY represents the best in the latest on-trend, logo fashions that get noticed for their smooth comfortability and effortless grace. With a wide range of products that include exciting logo-gear as expressive t-shirts and hoodies, personalized PPE, backpacks, mugs, housewares, and much more, FLY Fashions represents the language of modern culture – dialed all the way up. Explore the FLY collections at:


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