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Several Police Stations To Be Renovated

The Government, along with other stakeholders, will invest millions of dollars to renovate and construct police stations across the island.

Among them will be the construction of a new state-of-the-art police station in the seaside town of Port Maria, St. Mary, years after the original station was razed by fire.

Minister of National Security, Hon. Dr. Horace Chang (left), tours the new barracks at Castleton Police Station with Sergeant Eloy Fletcher, on February 7.

Ground was broken for its construction on February 7. The National Housing Trust (NHT) will pay for the cost of that construction.

The Ministry of National Security, through the Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF), will renovate six police stations at a cost of $235 million, based on funds provided by the European Union.

These stations are located at Denham Town and Franklyn Town in Kingston; Lionel Town, Clarendon; Mount Salem and Adelphi in St. James; and Four Paths in Clarendon.

The Denham Town Police Station will be renovated at a cost of $36,815,510. The scope of the work will include the renovation of a leaking roof; construction of a waiting area; and rehabilitation of the existing administrative area, two security posts, two restrooms, six Criminal Investigations Bureau (CIB) offices, armoury, exhibit room, storage areas and lunchroom.

The Franklyn Town Police Station will be renovated at a cost of $42,484,640. The scope of work will begin with the demolition of the wooden sections of the existing building, an outdoor bathroom facility and kitchen. The building will then be expanded with the addition of: a lobby, a CIB office, an interview room, a briefing room, a training/resource room, a lounge for the officers, a kitchen/room, barracks, four bathrooms and a laundry/store room.

The Lionel Town Police Station will be renovated at a cost of $36,872,735. The proposed work will include the construction of a laundry room, fencing, a guard post, a lunch room and a garage holding area. The main building of the station will also be renovated.

Renovation of the Mount Salem Police Station will cost some $42,538,653. The scope of work will include demolition of the existing building and the construction of: an entry court, a reception area, a guard room, a resource room, an exhibit room, an armoury, two interview rooms, three offices, two restrooms, a kitchen and a driveway.

The Four Paths Police Station will be renovated at a cost of $37,860,942, to include the rehabilitation of a cell/lock-up area, a sanitation system, three bathrooms, one training room/meeting room and a kitchen/lunch room. A barracks area and driveway will also be constructed.

At the Adelphi Police Station, the cost will be $38,449,400. There will be the construction of three cell/lock-up areas, an exhibit room, two offices, a guidance office, fencing and a driveway. The main building, barracks area and the kitchen will be rehabilitated.

To date, renovation has been completed at some police stations in St. Mary, while some are on their way to completion. These include Islington, Annotto Bay, High Gate, Prospect, and Castleton Police Stations.


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