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Shaggy & Friends Stream Hits 40 Countries – Concert Seen By 2.6 Million Viewers


Digicel has released the figures relating to a live stream of the recently held Shaggy & Friends Concert at Jamaica House.

As one of the main sponsors of the concert, Digicel offered more than 600,000 Facebook fans the opportunity to view the concert live on its fan page.

The live stream was a massive success, reaching an unprecedented 2.6 million views, with persons tuning in from more than 40 countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom and as far as the United Arab Emirates. Marketing director at Digicel, Peter Lloyd, discussed the importance of livestreaming to the marketing mix, saying that it adds another dimension to creating an extraordinary customer experience.

“The Digicel family is widespread, so when we’re reaching out, we have to ensure we include our customers in the diaspora as well. Streaming the Shaggy & Friends Benefit Concert not only allowed our customers to view the exciting performances of the night; it also encouraged persons from all over the world to donate to a very worthy cause,” Lloyd explained.

content makes the difference

“Live streaming complements the traditional marketing efforts because it boosts content, which is vital to brand marketing. Content is what makes the difference between customers just seeing your brand and being able to relate to it. As for the Internet, it has completely evolved from being a medium for transmitting text and images; now, the Internet can offer customers a rich multimedia experience.”

Dave Lindsay, chief technical officer of KaribLink Digital, which offers live streaming services, shares how they prepare content that is optimised for delivery to a wide cross section of devices.

“When we stream live events, we are often away from fixed lines and, as such, we rely on a reliable corporate WiMAX connection from Digicel Business. This solution offers flexibility, faster speeds and wider geographical coverage, which is important to us, especially when we stream an event held in a place that is off the beaten path. Additionally, we have software that transcodes the product for delivery to various devices so that the quality is not affected,” Lindsay explained.

Having provided live streaming services for events such as Trinidad Carnival, Reggae Sumfest, Rebel Salute and Shaggy and Friends, Lindsay firmly believes that live streaming has the potential to help grow Jamaica’s entertainment industry.

“Unlike traditional broadcast distribution channels, live streaming provides access to broadly distributed audiences. As it is done over the Internet, it creates a more direct connection between the content owner and the consumer, giving both a richer, more interactive experience. If monetised via pay-per-view, the content owner stands to gain double or more by streaming his live event, as he sees revenue from both ticket sales and views,” said Lindsay.


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