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The Game dedicates new single “Dont Shoot” to Michael Brown

the game

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ The Game says he could hardly believe it when he heard that Michael Brown had been shot to death by a policeman in Ferguson, Missouri u even though he was unarmed. The rapper says the news “was like really devastating” and that the story was “one of those wow factors, where it’s like ‘not again”’ But the recording artist decided to channel his anger into music, releasing a tribute to the 18-year-old. The Game says the single “Don’t Shoot” is designed to help people appreciate there are plenty of Michael Browns out there. He says “Mike Brown is African American. I am African American.” But he says the difference is that he has a voice. So The Game says he wants to do his part u in part so he can sleep at night knowing he did the best he could to use that voice to help others.


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