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US To Set Up ATF and FBI Offices In Jamaica To Lend Technical Support To Fight Local & Transatlantic Crime

US Ambasador to louis-moreno
US Ambassador to  Jamaica Louis-Moreno

FBI to assist with technical assistance to fight transatlantic crime and training of law enforcement in Jamaica.

As United States government announce plans to set up offices in Jamaica. Jamaica will also put substantial cash into crime plan called “Secure Jamaica.” PM Holness declared.

Lotto Scamming

Luis Morino, America’s Ambassador to Jamaica said “Lotto Scamming is a serious crime against senior citizens, causing some to commit suicide.” He was speaking at a Public Forum in Jamaica.

Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearm (ATF) is a Law Enforcement Taskforce and the Federal Bureau Of Investigation will strengthen investigation and help solve transatlantic crimes. “More extraditions are to be expected” asserted the US ambassador.

The Ambassador was speaking at a forum put on by CAPRI.”The Caribbean Policy Research Institute (CAPRI) held at the University Of The West Indies (UWI). Mona, Jamaica W.I. dubbed “Dialogues Between Democracies” The future of US-Jamaica Bilateral Relations. The latest Research findings were being released to the public, September 2016.

“Jamaica can achieve full prosperity by 2030. We want to bring a billion dollar investment to Jamaica.” Morino further added.

Fabi_SylvainPM Andrew Holness and Canadian High Commissioner Fabi, were also in attendance.

Turning to crime the Prime Minister of Jamaica, with a population of (3) three million people said: “There will be a significant increase in budgetary allocation to solve crime come next year … Jamaica will help itself” Andrew Holness said.


Ambassador Morino called for “equal citizenship” for all Jamaicans. He was referring to the treatment of among others the LBGT community.

Responding to the US Ambassador at the Forum, Vision’s SIC rejected the assertion about equal citizenship … asserting instead that “we treat the LBGT community well and Jamaicans are not as homophobic as some are making us out to be. All in Jamaica already enjoy equal citizenship … gays are not targeted as is done elsewhere.”

We await to see the true role of the ATF and FBI in Jamaica.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International Correspondent & Photojournalist for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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