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September 4, 2019
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September 4, 2019

Vote Buying in the PNP Continues

Breaking Jamaican News 

Lisa Hanna, MP Southeast St. Ann

The allegations of vote buying has not gone away.  Lisa Hanna, MP Southeast St. Ann has said she has evidence that the Peter Bunting led Rise United team has been handing out envelopes with Ja$10,000 to delegates to vote for them.  This is approximately US$80 dollars.

Dr. Peter Philips 

Breaking Jamaican News

Dr. Peter Phillips

The incumbent Dr. Peter Phillips has warned Comrades against monetizing the party. This he asserts is not good for the party.

Dr. Dayton Campbell, Manager Rise United

Dr. Dayton Campbell has rejected this accusation of “Vote Buying” being leveled at the Rise United team.



September 7

Dr. Dayton Campbell

This is D-Day for the approximately 3000 delegates who will select a new president for the 81 year old People’s National Party (PNP). The winner will automatically be the Opposition leader and potential PM in waiting. This is a constitutional position.

KD Knight,  QC A “One PNP”  Supporter

KD Knight

The noted lawyer has accused the Rise United Team of borrowing the Endowment idea. Dr. Campbell has rubbished this claim by Knight.


As the claims and counterclaims are filling the airwaves we are sitting at the edge of our seats.  We at Vision Newspaper have long warned that the campaign will get nastier before it gets better. We have been proven dead right.  We do not gloat at this distasteful turn of events. Did you really expected better?  My friend long ago told me that: “A rabbit cannot be bigger than its four quarters”.  The verdict is yours. That is our perspective. Feel free to disagree. What is yours?

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is a veteran journalist and SIC for Vision Newspaper Canada. He has been watching politics for 50 years in Jamaica W.I.

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