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TORONTO, ON In a secluded and beautiful corner of St Lucia, Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort opens on to the blues of the bay while resting in the lush green of the surrounding rainforest. Joining the Caribbean’s sustainable tourism elite, Windjammer Landing has recently been independently audited and awarded Green Globe certification.

Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort Managing Director, Nick Prattas says, “Preserving St. Lucia’s natural and cultural landmarks is the center point of tourism on our island, and we strongly believe, as much as we’ve proven throughout the years, that with the right leadership, everyone in the hospitality industry can and must adopt sustainable strategies.”

With this inaugural certification Green Globe recognizes the commitment of Windjammer Landing’s management and staff, to transform an eco-friendly mindset into a lifestyle, with a strong focus on conserving energy, reducing waste, using organic amenities, and minimizing the footprint of their tourism enterprise.

Exemplifying this active approach, is the universal engagement by employees in this year’s World Environment Day, focused on raising awareness about island conservation and celebration of local culture.

Activities ranged from a momentous tree-planting by the skilled landscaping team; official handover of Plastic HDPE Bottles to the Ministry of Sustainable Development; and clean-up campaign in the neighboring Trouya area. Guests were also invited to engage in captivating Creole classes, providing an opportunity to immerse in local culture, while the resort’s Executive Chef introduced the principles of sustainable cooking, enlightening palates and nurturing eco-consciousness.

Further connecting resort guests to sustainability while on vacation, is Windjammer Landing’s Environmental Package for certified divers. In collaboration with the Perry Institute for Marine Conservation, this package has been created for divers with an interest in marine conservation and learning how to actively become involved in coral restoration diving.

The research and expertise of the Perry Institute has been invaluable in the creation of each course to ensure the educational elements are as engaging and interactive as possible. In addition to each package, a Lionfish Experience is also available, which includes the diving, hunting, cleaning, and cooking of lionfish, an invasive species.

Green Globe’s independent certification recognizes Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort’s significant efforts in marrying luxury to environmental responsibility and delivering vacation choices that coexist harmoniously with St Lucia’s precious nature and people. To find out more about Windjammer Landing’s sustainability visit: Social And Environmental Sustainability Policy

SOURCE TOTAL Public Relations Inc.

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