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NEW YORK, /PRNewswire/ — Supermodel and beauty entrepreneur, Winnie Harlow, is sharing her Coca-Cola AI generated holiday cards to give fans a unique take on what’s most important to her this festive season: kindness and empowerment.

Winnie, a leading advocate for representation who has redefined beauty standards, has brought a fresh perspective to the holidays with a striking set of AI generated images that reflect her unique experience and perspective of the holidays.

  • The December Issue – Winnie’s tribute to all things fashion, fabulous and the holidays
  • Joy in Jamaica – inspired by the holidays that Winnie spent on the beach, enjoying BBQed holiday feasts
  • Cozy in Canada – a nod to the cozy holidays spent with her family in Ontario
  • Out of This Universe – a homage to her younger self and her incredible imagination

Empowering others through kindness and empathy, Winnie’s Coca-Cola AI generated images highlight the ability of AI to connect, uplift and invite people to embrace their individuality – no matter where they are in the world.

Winnie said: I am so excited to be a part of this innovative project. In everything I do, creativity and kindness are at the core, and I love the way that Coca-Cola AI is giving everyone the chance to create according to the world as they see it and share their unique take on the holidays. Together with Coca-Cola AI, we are inviting people everywhere to do this together.”

People want to show they care by sending a greeting card, but many of the cards you can buy in shops don’t always reflect the world we live in, or even where you are in the world. This partnership is about more than just creating images; it’s about setting a new standard for representation in all forms of media. We’ve disrupted fashion, now it’s time to disrupt the way we send holiday cards and what that looks like.”

Coca-Cola’s Create Real Magic platform enables everyone to experiment with AI and design their own shareable holiday cards in a way that uniquely reflects how they celebrate the holiday season. Alongside the power of AI to dream up your most creative designs, Coca- Cola is giving unprecedented access to its iconic characters and imagery. By sharing these storied assets – and allowing them to be seen through the prism of new technology – they can be re-discovered by a younger generation, enabling them to be reinterpreted and relevant in 2023.Pratik Thakar, Coca–Cola’s Global Head of Generative AI, said “We are flipping the script. We are literally putting the power of our brand into our fan’s hands. Now they can personalise holiday cards and represent themselves as they would like to be seen, in a way that represents how they celebrate the holidays, when they share their holiday creations across their social media channels with loved ones.”

Winnie and Coca-Cola are encouraging people from around the world to visit and generate artwork to share with family and friends. Creators can download, share, copy and distribute their greetings cards as they wish.

This year’s global festive campaign comes to life in many forms and will be adapted by more than 80 markets worldwide. The unifying theme is the magic of kindness and the spirit of generosity and goodwill in us all. This narrative extends across all channels – from the TV ad, to physical experiences with the iconic Coca-Cola Christmas Caravan tour and local charitable partnerships, to digital initiatives like the ‘Create Real Magic’ AI Christmas Card generator and the ‘Find Your Inner Santa’ quiz, as well as two upcoming Christmas short films.


SOURCE Coca-Cola

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