March 28, 2023 | By Silbert Barrett |

As long as ghetto vote rules we are deceiving ourselves to believe that we will have changes in Jamaica. Diaspora vote now!

We somehow as a people are not capturing the vision that only the Jamaican (overseas) diaspora vote can counterbalance the vote buying in Jamaica. The diaspora is unique in that it represents a critical mass of totally independent electorate no other country has this opportunity and that is why Jamaica stands to be the most or has the potential to become the most democratic country on earth if the government of Jamaica can see the vision allow the vote.

Gov’t and Businesses must build institutions around which Jamaican diaspora investment can be protected; the Vote and Good Governance.  The “Diaspora” appears to have become a forgotten topic by the present Jamaican Government and some of its stated objectives are highly likely to work against the interests of the Diaspora. The Building of Institutions (Government and otherwise may well be more dependent on the Diaspora than most will acknowledge. It is therefore lost to the detriment of Jamaicans in general.

Good Government and Good Governance are both parts of the same Continuum. One without the other is highly like to fail. The Diaspora is rarely on the government’s radar. It does not appear to represent my Hopes and Aspirations.

It is an economic falsehood to belief that giving tax concessions to foreign investors and the Chinese Interests will create growth when hard working Jamaican at home and abroad gets no break yet contribute more to the economic development of the island. Billions in hard cash injection which the government uses to subside these investors. The hotel owners who hardly pay taxes and underpay our workers. The Chinese Interest who export our dollars and allegedly pay no taxes, the destruction of young black men for political reasons.

If we were truly “out of many one people” the burden of societal failure should not rest solely on the backs of African Jamaicans people. The potential for development in Jamaican lies with diaspora human capital and not its investment capital according to UN report. We need a gov’t in Jamaica who has the capacity to harness the wealth and knowledge of the Diaspora and stop the pondering for investments only. This behavior is becoming increasing suspicious to many Jamaicans overseas. The value of capital is not only to create wealth but things that matters. A true democracy for all its citizens.

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