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World events lead to Global Black Impact Summit Postponement to 22-23 February 2024

CAPE TOWN; South Africa — Due to ongoing current global events, the 2023 version of the annual Global Black Impact Summit has been postponed to February next year.

In light of the deeply concerning global events taking place, the Black Impact Foundation (BIF) has made the decision to reschedule the Global Black Impact Summit (GBIS) to February 22-23, 2024, in the United Arab Emirates, organizers said on November 1st.

GBIS is a celebration of Black excellence, uniting role models, influential figures and leaders from across the global Black community to promote connectivity and engagement while inspiring the next generation of leaders.

With everything going on in the world, both the BIF and GBIS event-organizer Energy Capital & Power, recognize that this is a time of somber reflection, not one of worldwide celebration.

Clarence Seedorf, Chairman of the BIF stated: “In light of the current global situation, we have made the decision to postpone GBIS to next year. A central point of focus of the summit is to connect the global Black community, uniting people, companies, and leaders under efforts to strengthen communities, generate new ideas and innovations, while promoting the power that Black people hold. Our choice is driven by a respect for all those affected by current global events.”

BIF & GBIS added: “Our thoughts are with all those impacted. Stay resilient, and we will convene in the near future to pursue our shared goal of fostering positive change.”

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