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Yes, Justice Centre Min. Chuck, But … Don’t Chuck it, Please …

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Politicians have their agenda, and that is allowed … but “conditions apply”, as is the standard format of most if not any contract or proposal etc. and a resounding yes, they are accountable to taxpayers, but you dare not throw the baby out with the bath water even as they try to convince that they are being relevant with progress which may lead to ultimately prosperity.

Stony Hill Police Station and a landmark Courthouse building on the upper floor of the said Police Station and jail cells are said to be slated for demolition.  This demolition is to make room for a new building which we are further advised will include a Justice Centre and new Police digs.

   6 Businesses To Be Shuttered

At least six (6)Small Businesses will be displaced to achieve Minister Chuck’s pipe dream.  The 64 million dollar question is :Is it all worth it? Can a justice Centre contribute more to our community and stimulate greater growth in our economy?

The Justice Minister, Hon Delroy Chuck is bullish about Justice Centres.  Good for you Minister Chuck. Do not cut off the livelihoods of a small business community to fulfill your ambitions.

This dislocation could lead to increased criminal activities in the Stony Hill area. Among the businesses to be affected are:

1) Cook shop (restaurant)

2) A Auto Parts shop

3) A Drinking Establishment (bar)

4) A Block Making Factory

5) Two (2) garages …

6) Two Body Work/Paint Shops

A total of  about 25 small business operators and their dependents will be negatively impacted.


A least three families reside on the said compound to be demolished to make room for the proposed Justice Centre, for Stony Hill.

Will this centre provide or obsorb those dislocated? The answer is no.

The citizens say they have been give a relatively short time to quit the compound.

There seems to be an indecent haste to dump these small business operators from the property. Is this really so?

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie, SIC VISION NEWSPAPER Canada.

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