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1983 Grenada invasion: Tape shows contrite Reagan apologizing to Thatcher over secrecy

(AP Photo/Mikhail Metzel, File)
(AP Photo/Mikhail Metzel, File)

LONDON _ So sorry we kept it a secret. That was Ronald Reagan’s message to Margaret Thatcher when U.S. troops invaded Grenada in 1983 without telling the British leader first.

The American president called the British prime minister as the invasion unfolded to apologize for keeping her in the dark, saying “I’m sorry for any embarrassment we caused you.”

He said in a secret White House tape made public Monday that he feared possible leaks on the U.S. side that could have endangered the operation.

Reagan goes out of his way during the conversation to assure Thatcher that he had not shut her out over fears the British would leak the information.

He said the caution came about because of a “nagging problem” with leaks.

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