24 Jamaican Students Safe In Poland

February 28, 2022 | By Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie |

5000 Russian Soldiers Killed … As 900 Ukrainian Civilians Killed

As the war rages in Ukraine the Russians a suffering heavy losses.  The West has decided to send lethal weapons to the Ukrainians.   The government of Ukraine is fighting back and has ordered all men 18 to 60 not to leave Ukraine.  The Russians are getting a fight.  The Russians are shelling residential areas, killing civilians including children.  These are war crimes.


The advance of Russian soldiers is very slow. Putin thought it would have been a walk over.  This has proven not to be so.  After 5 days they were hoping to reach the Capital.  They are still outside the city.


Funds to Russia have been cut off.  And their Stock Market did not open today Monday 28 February 2022.  They are being isolated financially.  A lot of people in Russia have their reserves in Western banks and these funds are being blocked. The Swift system of payment has been closed to Russia.  They are feeling the squeeze financially.


The Russian currency the Ruble has lost 30+ percent in value as the international sanctions take hold.  Russians are demonstrating in Russia against Putin.

6000 Arrested In Russia

Six thousand demonstrating in Russia have been arrested.  They are in  opposition to the war against Ukraine.


Switzerland which has maintained neutrality has now decided to stand up against Russia.  This is a dramatic move and speaks volumes of the international condemnation of the Russian government.


The US government has asked large companies not to do business with Russia.


In the United Kingdom a large oil drilling company BP,  operating in Russia has pulled out and abandoned their business there.


Talks are being held between a delegation from Russia and Ukraine with a view to lead to a ceasefire.  We wish the talks well.


24 Jamaican Students are now safe in Poland.  The family of William Mossias and five children are safe now in Poland.  Mossias’ wife Vicky is Ukrainian.  They had a rough trip, but are now safe in Poland.  8 Jamaican Students in Russia have been asked to return home to Jamaica by the Jamaican government.


The war by Putin against Ukraine is a serious violation of international law.  The Russians have been committing crimes against humanity.  You can expect war crimes trials by the International Court in due course.  These trials happened after World War 2.

We condemn the violation of the sovereign state by another without provocation.  We hope Russia will cease fire and withdraw its troops.

 Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is a poet, elegist, author, and senior international journalist who writes for Vision newspaper Canada

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