International / Billboard recording artist IAKOPO in Jamaica for Media Tour


Iakopo was born into a strict Mormon family, the second of six children, in Fountain Valley, California. At the age of 13, he was sent to Paradise Cove Academy, the controversial behavior modification facility in Western Samoa — since closed — where so-called “troubled teen” detainees were subjected to extreme physical abuse and deprivation in an attempt to break their spirit. Iakopo resisted the attempts and ultimately was adopted by a local Samoan family. While attending Pesega Church College in Western Samoa, Iakopo sang with a local reggae band, covering Top 40 music. Iakopo said about this time: ‘Samoan culture taught me a lot about life and respect. It also helped nurture my vibe.‘

After graduating high school in 2000, Iakopo started a few bands and making demos, as well as selling mixtapes on the streets of cities across America. This led to him gaining credibility in the underground grassroots community under the name Rein Free. In 2004 he self-released an album called ‘Realization’ under that name.[3] The underground success of this album led to his first record deal offer in 2005. He refused that deal, choosing instead to rename himself Keys of Creation and release a new album called ‘Let Your Light Shine’.

2006–2010: Keys of Creation – ‘Let Your Light Shine’ and ‘Born To Win'[edit]
‘Let Your Light Shine’ was influenced by artists such as Peter Tosh, Anthony B, Sizzla, and Bob Marley and released by Iakopo independently on 12 December 2006. The singles “Let Your Light Shine” and “Love Jah” made it to the top of reggae charts in the US, Hawaii, Polynesia, Asia and Europe. This success led to a record deal with 1980 Entertainment, as well as Iakopo sharing the stage with many influential reggae artists. After an independent tour throughout Hawaii and West Coast America in 2007, he co-headlined the ‘Summer Massive Tour’ in 2008, alongside Tribal Seeds. He also was the opening act for Half Pint’s 2008 concert in World Beat Center, San Diego, CA. In 2009 he toured as support for Israel Vibrations, Junior Reid, Midnite, Collie Buddz and Messenga Selah.

Jamaica P.R: Queenie Doyley (1-876-389-2506)

Publicist: Reeva Ann Proctor (1-514-258-0699)

While touring, he wrote the album ’Born To Win’. On this, Iakopo focused on his island roots, as can be heard on the single ’Heart of Polynesia’.[8] This single was another No. 1 hit on Hawaiian radio stations, as well as winning the International Music Video Award for World Music 2009. A dispute led to Iakopo splitting with his label and deciding to start writing music under his own name.

Iakopo moved to Japan in 2010, after meeting his new manager in Maui, Hawaii. His manager put him in contact with Universal Music Japan, who signed him for the Compilation CD ‘808 Maui’. It contains 4 of Iakopo’s songs, including the Single ‘By My Side’ whose ‘Fallen’ riddim was produced by Citizen K and made it to the top of reggae charts in the UK. Iakopo also released another song with Citizen K called ‘Be with me’ on the ‘Blindfold’ riddim on 20 November 2011. The riddim is still a top featured one on fiweh.com as of 2 April 2012. Universal also arranged a collaboration between Iakopo and Infinity 16, which resulted in the single ‘Bounce’, released 28 September 2011. The single sold 7.000 units on the release day, was the No. 1 sold single in Japan for 2 weeks and No. 1 on the Japanese mobile download charts.

Iakopo used the royalties from this to start his own label LionzShare. On 12 December 2011 Iakopo released his first single on LionzShare called ‘FLY’. It was the No. 1 featured single on reggaezion.jp for the whole first month after its release. This was followed on 2 February 2012 by ‘VIP’.

His released the single ‘Remedy’ on 26 March 2012. It was produced by Citizen K and has backing vocals by Fiona. The single was featured on a number of blogs and is Iakopo’s first single with an official video. ‘Remedy’ reached #2 on Betelnutradio.com. Iakopo has also been featured and interviewed on LionsFace Radio from Amsterdam.

His follow up single ‘Hot Summer’ was released 18 June 2012. Written by Iakopo and Produced by Soren ‘Cash’ Petersen at the LionzShare Studio. As of 30 August 2012, it was featured on the Pacific Top 20 for 4 weeks in a row and reached No. 5.

He has since released new singles which garnished over 2 million views on YouTube.

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