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Bahamas Shines at Seatrade Cruise Global, Showcasing Commitment to Tourism Excellence

NASSAU, Bahamas – The Bahamas has once again asserted its prominence in the global cruise industry as it took center stage at Seatrade Cruise Global, held at the Miami Convention Center in Florida. The event, a premier gathering for cruise industry professionals, witnessed an impressive turnout of over 11,000 attendees eager to explore the latest trends and developments.

Led by The Honourable I. Chester Cooper, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism, Investments & Aviation, The Bahamas delegation showcased a united front alongside key tourism executives and destination partners. These included the Ministry of Grand Bahama, Nassau Cruise Port, Bimini Cruise Port, Freeport Shipping Company, Grand Bahama Port Authority, and The Bahamas Maritime Authority, collectively aiming to strengthen and advance the country’s cruise sector.

Deputy Prime Minister Cooper seized the opportunity to engage with media representatives, providing insights into upcoming projects geared towards enhancing the arrival and destination experiences for cruise passengers. Updates on cruise developments, infrastructure upgrades, and new tourism offerings were also shared, underscoring The Bahamas’ commitment to continuous improvement in its tourism sector.

Notable discussions were held with prominent industry players such as the Cruise Line International Association, Disney Cruise Line, and the Florida Caribbean Cruise Line Association, further solidifying The Bahamas’ position as a key player in the cruise tourism market.

“The dynamic atmosphere at Seatrade Cruise Global in The Bahamas Pavilion served as a powerful testament to the relentless dedication of both the destination and our partners,” remarked Cooper. “Together, we’ve crafted a tourism experience that rivals any other worldwide. The enthusiastic engagement witnessed in our meetings signals a robust interest in The Bahamas, instilling us with unwavering confidence in the boundless potential of the destination’s cruise sector.”

In a bid to offer a glimpse of the rich Bahamian culture awaiting cruise passengers, the essence of the destination came alive at the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) Business on The Bay event, held at the Perez Art Museum. This gala event, attended by over 1100 individuals, showcased Junkanoo—a dynamic cultural extravaganza featuring dance, music, and elaborate costumes—sponsored in part by the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism. The event featured remarks from the Deputy Prime Minister and a captivating performance by the Bahamian musical ensemble, The Togetherness Band.

Furthermore, The Bahamas received enthusiastic recognition for its contributions to and support of the global cruise industry. CEOs of leading cruise companies acknowledged the island nation’s efforts during the prestigious State of the Cruise Industry opening event and cruise line-specific sessions. Informa Markets, the show’s operating company, lauded The Bahamas for its booth constructed from recycled materials, citing it as a notable example of sustainability and environmental consciousness in a business setting.

As The Bahamas continues to solidify its position as a premier cruise destination, stakeholders remain optimistic about the future of the country’s tourism sector. With ongoing collaborations and a commitment to excellence, The Bahamas is poised to offer unparalleled experiences to cruise passengers from around the world.


The Bahamas’ strong presence at Seatrade Cruise Global underscores the country’s commitment to fostering growth and innovation in its tourism sector. Deputy Prime Minister Cooper’s leadership and the collaborative efforts of industry partners have positioned The Bahamas as a leading player in the global cruise industry. The recognition received for sustainability initiatives further highlights the country’s dedication to responsible tourism practices. As The Bahamas continues to capitalize on its rich cultural heritage and natural beauty, the future looks promising for its cruise tourism sector.

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