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Carol’s Daughter Continues Efforts to Combat Black Maternal Health Crisis with New Doula Grants

In a dedicated effort to combat the Black Maternal Health Crisis, Carol’s Daughter, a Black-founded and Black-led beauty brand, proudly announces the continuation of its groundbreaking initiative, Love Delivered. Now in its fourth year, Love Delivered remains steadfast in its commitment to improving maternal health outcomes for Black birthing people across the United States.

Partnering with CVS and the Mama Glow Foundation, Carol’s Daughter launches a new cohort of doula grants aimed at expanding access to crucial doula care. This partnership underscores the brand’s unwavering dedication to empowering, supporting, and equipping Black birthing individuals and their communities.

With a financial contribution of $32,000 in 2024, Carol’s Daughter will bolster the Mama Glow Foundation’s mission to enhance the maternal health experience for birthing individuals nationwide. The grants will provide much-needed doula support for Black families in major cities including NYC, Miami, Los Angeles, Atlanta, New Orleans, and Washington DC.

The urgency of such initiatives is underscored by alarming statistics from the CDC, which reveal that the United States has the highest maternal mortality rate among high-income countries globally. Black women, in particular, face disproportionately higher risks, with rates of severe pregnancy-related complications and mortality nearly three times higher than those of white women.

Founder of Carol’s Daughter, Lisa Price, emphasizes the importance of Love Delivered, stating, “Every Black birthing person deserves access to compassionate, equitable support before, during, and after birth.” Through Love Delivered, the brand aims to ensure that Black birthing individuals feel seen, heard, and valued throughout their maternal health journey.

Supermodel Chanel Iman joins the initiative this year, leveraging her platform to amplify awareness and encourage others to share their maternal health stories. By fostering a community of shared experiences, Iman seeks to inspire action and advocate for meaningful change in maternal healthcare.

In addition to doula grants, Carol’s Daughter collaborates with NewYork-Presbyterian to address the unique needs of Black maternal and pediatric patients. The provision of specialized hair care kits, which include Carol’s Daughter products, ensures that patients receive comprehensive care that considers their cultural and individual needs.

Since its inception, Love Delivered has engaged with nearly half a million individuals through events, educational programs, and webinars. The initiative has funded over 120 births and reached over 5.1 billion people through digital advocacy efforts.

Latham Thomas, founder of the Mama Glow Foundation, praises the partnership with Carol’s Daughter, describing it as “deeply impactful” and “rooted in service of the community.” The Love Delivered partnership offers hope for a brighter future by influencing care delivery and shaping organizational programs.

As part of Black Maternal Health Week, Mama Glow hosts a webinar sponsored by Carol’s Daughter, focusing on advocating for Black maternal health and engaging stakeholders. The event features esteemed panelists, including healthcare professionals and advocacy leaders.

To learn more about Love Delivered and how to become an advocate, visit the Carol’s Daughter website. Follow @CarolsDaughter and @MamaGlow on Instagram for program announcements and information.


The ongoing efforts of Carol’s Daughter through Love Delivered are commendable and crucial in addressing the systemic disparities within maternal healthcare. By providing doula grants and engaging with advocates like Chanel Iman, the initiative not only raises awareness but also fosters a supportive community for Black birthing individuals.

The partnership with NewYork-Presbyterian highlights the importance of culturally sensitive care in improving health outcomes for Black maternal and pediatric patients. Initiatives like Love Delivered demonstrate the power of collaboration and grassroots efforts in driving meaningful change.

As we celebrate Black Maternal Health Week, it is essential to amplify the voices of those advocating for equitable healthcare access and outcomes. By supporting initiatives like Love Delivered, we can work towards a future where every Black birthing person receives the care and support they deserve.

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