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Empowering West Side Youth: Chicago Blackhawks Foundation and PepsiCo Team Up for Career Initiative

In an inspiring collaboration, the Chicago Blackhawks Foundation and PepsiCo have joined forces to provide invaluable career insights and resources to high school students from the West Side of Chicago. Through their GameChangers initiative, launched this season with PepsiCo as the presenting corporate sponsor, young individuals are gaining hands-on exposure to various industries, including sports, hospitality, and food & beverage.

The GameChangers initiative aims to create pathways to success for students who aspire to build their careers within the vibrant landscape of Chicago. By opening the doors to PepsiCo facilities in the heart of the city, such as the Old Post Office and the 35th Street Distribution Center, students are granted access to real-world experiences that can shape their futures.

During their visits, students from schools like ASPIRA Business & Finance High School, Michele Clark Academic Prep Magnet School, and Richard T. Crane Medical Prep High School engage in a range of activities designed to broaden their horizons. From learning about marketing and product innovation to gaining insights into sales strategies and exploring the science behind popular brands like Gatorade, these young minds are exposed to a myriad of career possibilities.

One of the highlights of the initiative is the opportunity for students to interact with immersive technologies, such as PepsiCo’s CoLab, which provides a glimpse into the innovative world of the company. Additionally, students participate in mock interviews, professional headshot sessions, and resume workshops, equipping them with the essential skills needed to navigate the job market with confidence.

Brittany N. Wilson, PepsiCo Chicago Community Relations Manager, emphasizes the company’s commitment to supporting local students and providing tangible career experiences. “We will continue to show up for local students and provide exciting, tangible career experiences with the hope that it encourages them to pursue any professional opportunities that excite them,” says Wilson.

Raymarreon Polk, a senior at Crane Medical High School, highlights the impact of the initiative on his own journey. “The station I found the most valuable was the mock interview and resumes station,” says Polk. “I feel the feedback gave me more encouraging words I should say and showed me how to better present myself during an interview.”

The partnership between the Chicago Blackhawks Foundation and PepsiCo underscores a shared dedication to empowering the next generation of talent within the community. Through initiatives like GameChangers, these organizations are leaving a lasting impression on the lives of young individuals, providing them with the tools and resources needed to succeed in their chosen career paths.


The collaboration between the Chicago Blackhawks Foundation and PepsiCo represents a commendable effort to address the needs of young people in underserved communities. By providing access to career resources and hands-on experiences, this initiative not only empowers individuals but also strengthens the fabric of the community as a whole. It is through partnerships like these that we can create meaningful opportunities for the youth and pave the way for a brighter future.

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