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5two’s Latest Track “Jokey (Pokey)” Sets the Dancefloor Ablaze

Kingston, Jamaica – In a musical landscape often dominated by trends and formulas, artists like 5two stand out for their ability to infuse authenticity and creativity into their work. Hailing from the vibrant culture of the Virgin Islands, 5two has once again captured the essence of Caribbean vibes with her latest track, “Jokey (Pokey).”

Released on April 2, 2024, “Jokey (Pokey)” is more than just a song; it’s a sonic journey that invites listeners to embrace their playful side. With clever lyrics and an infectious beat, 5two effortlessly transports her audience to a world where the worries of the day melt away, and the only thing that matters is the rhythm of the music.

Born and raised in the Virgin Islands, 5two’s musical journey is deeply intertwined with her cultural heritage. However, she refuses to be confined by any one genre or style, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is expected. In “Jokey (Pokey),” she seamlessly blends elements of Caribbean music with contemporary sounds, creating a unique and captivating listening experience.

The success of 5two’s previous hit, “Foolie,” has only served to fuel anticipation for her latest release. With the announcement of a remix featuring dancehall artist Jada Kingdom, excitement surrounding “Jokey (Pokey)” is at an all-time high. It’s clear that 5two’s star is on the rise, and her impact on the international music scene is only just beginning.


5two’s latest track, “Jokey (Pokey),” is a testament to her artistry and innovation. In a world where conformity often reigns supreme, she continues to carve out her own path, fearlessly exploring new musical territories. With its irresistible blend of Caribbean vibes and contemporary flair, “Jokey (Pokey)” is sure to leave a lasting impression on listeners worldwide. As 5two’s star continues to ascend, one thing is certain: she is a force to be reckoned with in the ever-evolving landscape of music.

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