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9 Year Old Pop Star JAZMIN HEADLEY Releases “We Are The World” In Support of Meagan’s Hug!

May 4, 2022 | Sasha Stoltz |

Toronto, ON – 9-Year-Old Canadian Pop Artist Jazmin (Jazz) Headley releases her new single “We Are The World, a reimagined version of the Michael JacksonLionel Richie written, Quincy Jones produced.  The single is available Today on all platforms.  The single is produced by #1 Billboard charting Producer Jonathan Hay.  Nine-year-old Jazmin’s (Jazz) new release follows the success of her last single, ‘Dance With Me.’  Jazz started writing music and playing the piano at a very young age and found a way to connect with her own age group.  The young artist uses her music as a vehicle to promote positivity.  The outgoing Jazz leads by example.  “We Are The World” was a song that united the world and Jazz brings that heart & message to her reimagined version, which is very much what her young fans have come to love about the popular artist.

Jazmin Headley, We are the world cover art.

From the stage to appearances on television, Jazz leads by example.  The young pop Artists music is upbeat and fun at a time when kids and parents are looking for a release from the two years of Covid-19 restrictions and are looking for positive ways to do that.  Jazz strongly believes you are in charge of your own destiny & brings her own outgoing personality, heart & passion to everything she does. Jazz’s positive outlook is one reason why the young pop star is a welcomed addition to the CBC TV television series, ‘Ukulele U.”   

An enthusiastic participant in her own life and others, Jazhelps raise money for many causes.  One being Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids). Jazz was recently presented with an award for “selfless service & contributions to others” by the MPP of Brampton Sara Singh It’s important for this community minded artist to spread a message of positivity and hope in her community.

Jazz will be performing at the 21st annual 5KM walk and signature HUG event hosted by Meagan’s HUG on Saturday May 7th, 2022.  The young pop artist will be donating 20% of all proceeds from her new single to Meagan’s HUG “Hope For Ukraine” supporting Ukrainian families in Toronto forced to flee their homes to resume paediatric cancer treatments.  Jazz is truly honored to be able to help this amazing charitable organization.  Please open your hearts…   

 About Meagans HUG.   

 Meagan’s HUG is driven by a vision of a world where no children and their families suffer from brain tumours. Founded in 2001 by Denise Bebenek as a way to address the lack of funding for paediatric brain tumour research and spread a message of hope after she lost her five-year-old daughter to an inoperable brain tumour, Meagan’s HUG leads many programs year-round to raise awareness and funds for ground-breaking research and life-saving treatments and therapies for children affected by brain tumours. From the annual walk on Mother’s Day weekend which culminates with thousands of participants joining hands to encircle SickKids in the only human hug of its kind in the world; to its “Kids Helping Kids” school program; its international Neuro-oncology Fellowship and more. Meagan’s HUG is just getting started. For more information, please visit

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