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Anthony Cruz Stuck At Number One

July 24, 2023 | By Supa Pea |

Anthony Cruz, the visionary artiste/ record producer, seems stuck at number one on two separate reggae charts.

His 18- track album, Under The Covers, seems destined to make rounds on a number of other popular charts.

“Well, this is not hopeless thought. This is an excellent album. It is a family album that one can sit and listen to, without any discomfort.

“If I should elaborate, these are the songs any Royal family would use to entertain their international quests.

“And, lest I forget, the producers who have committed their time on this album includes Donovan Germain from Penthouse; Norman “Bull Puss” Bryan from Tuff Gong International; Big A from IRIE F.M and Tads International. They are not only established producers, but have international recognition.

The album with songs such as, “Leave The Door Open,” “Sexy Love” and “If You Were Here Tonight”, first went number one on Delroy Lindsay Top 15 South Florida Reggae Album chart. And, since then, the needle has not moved.

“I knew this would happen. Florida is one of my strong fanbases and they are always supportive”.

Only a week ago “Under The Covers”, went number One on Richard “Richie B” Burgess Jamaica Music Countdown Reggae Album chart.

“Richie B is highly favoured and respected in the music fraternity.  So, you can see why I am elated”.

Anthony Cruz is now preparing to perform on IRIE F.M – a tribute to National Hero, Marcus Mosiah Garvey.

“I will have to cover all my fans with great songs, rain or shine.”

Supa Pea

Supa Pea is an award winning entertainment reporter with Vision Newspaper. Reach Supa Pea at

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