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Aveeno® Canada reasserts its commitment to educating Canadians about eczema on diverse skin

Last month (November) was Eczema Awareness Month, a national awareness initiative designed to educate about this chronic inflammatory skin condition affecting 15-20% of Canadians despite skin colour, race or ethnicity. However, eczema looks quite different on darker skin tones — appearing darker than the rest of the skin, including grey, purple, pink or red hues, and as a result, misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis can occur.

Aveeno® Canada polled 1,501 Canadians around 18 of age and older who experienced skin sensitivity in the summer and/or winter months, and found that:

  • A quarter of respondents (27%) experience eczema of which 19% were formally diagnosed and 8% who self-diagnosed their eczema.
  • BIPOC individuals are more likely than Caucasians to experience acne, eczema, and dermatitis.
  • For 55% of those eventually diagnosed with a skin condition, the diagnosis took more than a month; for  almost one third of respondents (32%), it was quicker.

Aveeno® Canada is committed to building awareness for Canadians and helping to close the education gap on how eczema presents across diverse skin tones. To help sufferers recognize key symptoms and find solutions on their eczema journey, we have rounded up some resources and tools from Aveeno® Canada:

1) The #SkinVisibility table book

The #SkinVisibility table book helps to amplify and bring awareness about  eczema to improve care and treatment, by offering a visual resource for those who may be struggling with eczema. The curated table book offers educational context from dermatologists and individual experiences from Canadian people of colour diagnosed with eczema. The book can be accessed through the Eczema in Skin of Colour Hub on the Aveeno® Canada website.

3) Eczema Equality for parents

There is a gap in education and information around how eczema presents in those with different skin tones, and Aveeno® Baby is striving to bridge that gap and create tools for parents on their eczema journey with their little ones. The Eczema Equality Guide is built to be an accessible and insightful guide offering helpful resources specifically for parents with babies with darker skin tones, to better understand how to identify symptoms of eczema in their baby. It is divided into three key sections: identification, treatment and management, making it a handy resource parents can use throughout their child’s eczema journey. The guide can be accessed through the new Canadian baby eczema page on the Aveeno® Canada website.

4) Aveeno® Eczema Care Products: The Solution for Eczema Sufferers

To support those on their eczema journey, Aveeno® Canada offers a range of dermatologist-recommended skincare products designed to help alleviate the discomfort and itching associated with eczema. These products include:


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