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Beat Zinc Fence Riddim Cops Historic Pandora Feature

May 28, 2021 | British Linkz |

Kingston, Jamaica (The Pr Place) In an era where most artistes are dabbling in Traphall and other subgenres of Dancehall music, Romario English has decided to release the ‘Beat Zinc Fence’ rhythm which is dedicated to ‘Old Dancehall’ while being spearheaded by young talents.

The ‘Beat Zinc Fence’ Riddim features; Kacique, Devin Di Dakta, C Monii, Deeclef and Sekklez.

The idea has drawn the attention of music executives at Pandora who decided to feature the Riddim on their ” New Dancehall Now” playlist, a feature that has awarded the young talents excellent streaming numbers.

When the young producer was asked why he decided to drop a ’90’s feel’ Dancehall Riddim he replied; “The Beat Zinc Fence riddim was inspired by negative remarks I would constantly hear about Dancehall music losing its Dancehall feel. A lot of online users say today’s sound is hybrid and not authentic so I decided to attempt bringing back that flavor while adding a youthful twist to the project”

The head of Reggae / Caribbean Music Programming and one of the leading music curators at Pandora, Diego Herrera, added that the rhythm was featured based on the refreshing energy it embodies.

“In a time when the interest in jugglings seems to be waning among some producers, it’s refreshing to see that others continue to push riddim culture forward.  Beat Zinc Fence captures a snapshot of both a producer on the rise and a host of young artistes who are all poised to make a name for themselves. British Linkz has brought back that style that recalls the sounds of Ward 21, TJ Records or ZJ Chrome and enlisted young talents like Kacique and C-Monii to bring their fresh take on dancehall to the riddim and that’s what sparked our interest in this particular project”

Romario English concluded by saying; “This is a huge feature for the culture and future of Dancehall music. This is one of North America’s largest digital streaming platforms and for them to recognize and highlight the work is a win for the music. The Riddim has mostly young talents, with the exception of Devin Di Dakta who has been doing this a little while longer and the fact that each song was good enough to be highlighted.
I hope this sets the precedence for riddims to come.

English has produced hits such as; Spice (Rolling), Unknown Gringo (Good Body Gyal), Teejay and PG Valentina (Aphrodisia), a co-production with Great X Production.

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