Beenie Blasts Bad Boy Trevor


Bad Boy Trevor was recently the recipient of a tongue lashing courtesy of the King of The Dancehall, Beenie Man.

Both were in attendance at the Hotspot Tuesday party at Waltham Park Road, St Andrew, when Bad Boy Trevor stated that he would give $10,000 to the female dressed in the prettiest panty.

“Strip again gyal, ya idiot? Strip again!,” Trevor stated. The willing female began removing her romper, much to the delight of the audience. She was, however, interrupted by an angry Beenie Man who demanded that they put an end to the ‘go-go club behaviour’.

“A wha unuh a do to dancehall music? A freak unuh a freak out dancehall? Fire! Fire! Fire!” Beenie Man shouted to Bad Boy Trevor. The crowd immediately switched allegiance, with many patting Beenie Man on the shoulder.

After rinsing some expletives he continued, “A wha do you? Turn dancehall inna go-go club? A dancehall me deh so play music,” an angry Beenie Man stated.

Bad Boy Trevor was not the only one who received scathing remarks from Beenie Man. Sound System Alaska was also not spared some harsh criticisms.

“A which sound did a play? A Alaska dis? Fire! We love see … cause a dat we … But we only want see dat inna we bedroom.”

began criticising

Beenie Man also received support from fellow artiste Kalado who also voiced his displeasure at what was taking place.

“Thank God Beenie Man come save dancehall a while ago,” Kalado stated.

After the video was posted on social media, many began criticising Bad Boy Trevor for his antics. He quickly addressed the matter with a short video posted on his Facebook page.

“I did not tell any girl to take off their clothes for no money. I told the selector I was giving away $10,000 for the girl with the prettiest panty. Now if a girl know seh she haffi take off her … fi see the prettiest panty, fi her business dat. When Beenie Man stepped in and say ‘fire’, I agree with him 100 per cent … I am not responsible for people’s sins, and me nah apologise fi it … So all who want go bun dis and bun dat, go bun unuh self,” Trevor stated.




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