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Trouble in Paradise, as Miss Chin allegedly dumps Gully Bop and physically assaults him … Scars his forehead

Gully Bop

It was a rather upset Gully Bop who related to Anthony Miller on ER, a popular entertainment show aired weekly on TVJ in a no holds barred interview.

With a bandage on his forehead allegedly inflicted by Miss Chin his partner “in crime” … Gully Bop related to millions “Miss Chin used a lock to bash mi in mi forehead and refused to give mi mi keys, locking mi out of mi Kirkland Heights house … I would no break into my own house or climb through a window as the neighbours may call the POLICE …this is a top residental community… a report was made to the police … ” An alleged eyewitness collaborated on TV, Gully Bop’s account of the alleged assault as reported by Gully Bop. (He was speaking in local dialect or broken English known as Patois).

Miss Chin

The meteoric rise to stardom by Gully Bop and his trademark missing front teeth have taken the entertainment community by storm. As storms go they invariably leave collateral damage. Miss Chin is believed to have played a pivotal role in Gully Bop’s rise to “fame and fortune”. They were reported to be “man and wife” and as such are allegedly cohabiting with each other. There have been rumours that trouble has been brewing in paradise for some time now … and that it stems from allegations of “erectile dysfunction” on the part of Gully Bop. This alleged clain has not been independently verified.

Speaking in the said interview with Anthony Miller, Gully Bop said “Chin is a gold digger and she (Chin) had a man hiding in her car at a concert that I was performing at … I saw the man … people have told me that this man has also been wearing my clothes”

Police Report

It is not clear the state of the alleged physical assault … whether criminal charges will be filed and followed up … we all know how these types of domestic/lovers feuds usually end up, being squashed out of court. Efforts to obtain copy of Police Report has been met with a cloak of secrecy.

Gully Bop rose from virtual obscurity to stardom and his antics/every moves, have repeatedly been of much interest to the media. Reports are that he had turned down offers to do dental work which would reconstruct his missing front teeth and give him a more appealing appearance.

It would appear that Gully Bop is fearful that to change his appearance will tamper with his product image. “If it ain’t broke why change it” … may be what Gully Bop may be intimating.

As if Gully Bop has not enough on his plate, the latest is Gully Bop is alarmingly accusing his “estranged partner” of not only assaulting him with “bites” all over his body but trying to ruin his career by confiscating his passport with a visa in it. Recent reports of a chop in Gully Bop’s forehead seem to point to a very violent relationship with Miss Chin (registered Shauna Chin). Gully Bop is alleging that Miss Chin is a deportee … he never stated from which country she may have been deported.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie, Senior International Correspondent & photojournalist

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