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Biden Halts Deportation Of Illegals For 100 Days, Law Proposes 8 years To Citizenship

January 25, 2021 | By Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie |

Legal Status For Illegal Immigrants

True to his word, the Biden administration has put an halt on deportations for the next 100 days.  This means that, Immigration Control Enforcement (ICE),  Homeland Security and related bodies have been instructed to hold strain.  The Biden administration has put immigration as one of its main focus.  Democrats have always batted for immigration.

“Republicans, although they use undocumented immigrants in their homes and businesses are not keen to act “

Asserted Immigration Lawyer Golding in a radio interview monitored by Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie.

 “Yet they oppose any move to legalize the status of these undocumented immigrants.

USA is built by Immigrants …”

Concluded Lawyer Golding.

Children Lost

It is estimated that they are (11.5) eleven and a half million undocumented residents in the USA.  DACA and Dreamers are terms commonly used to describe them. Children have been separated at the borders under Trump. They have to be found and united with their family.

Other panelists on said radio show have opined inter alia:

“Some 60 percent of immigrants to the USA are immigrants. The movers and shakers of power are not natives nor many were never born in the USA.  Although Democrats have a majority in Congress … passage of new Immigration law will not be easy.”

New Citizenship Law

“This new law if enacted, seeks to grant green cards to those in the USA after five years and a further three years to citizenship as long as they pay their taxes and are not involved in criminal conduct. Also pass background scrutiny.These illegals are some of the frontline workers for COVID.  They join the army,  play sports, join related services like fire, police nursing, etc. clean the mess, drive the trucks, buses, and are farm hands … do work locals are reluctant to do.”

Opinion Poll

President Biden currently enjoys an approval rating of 68 percent. He has invited Congressional leaders to the White House for a sit down.  Building bi-Partisan support seems to be the plan. Biden is a good unifier-in-chief. Will it work?


Jawbone Of An Ass

Forget Trump and move on. He is history … disgraced by his own doing. Alas!   Self inflicted wounds by the jawbone of an ass.

So far President R.  Biden has reportedly signed some fifteen (15) Executive Orders since taking office on January 20, 2021.  Many of which relate to the fight against the COVID pandemic.  It has been discovered from records left behind, that Trump had no firm plans to fight the virus … it has been revealed.  We are not surprised. We are impressed with Biden’s early moves. Getting the immigration law passed should be the focus of the Democrats. While looking forward to 2022 and then 2024. Full stop!


There is a lot of hypocrisy on the part of certain white folks, mainly Republicans. Republicans know that many coloured immigrants tend to vote democrat. The recent two (2) Senate seats contested from Georgia gone to the Democrats … that says a lot.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is a veteran journalist who holds the keys to four (4) American cities. He has international exposure.

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