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BK Style Foundation taps Playbook MG as Public Relations Partner for Fashion Week Brooklyn

March 7, 2022 | Marie Driven |

Brooklyn, NY — The most creative borough of New York has long been recognized as Brooklyn, an unrivaled hub of innovation that carries indisputable clout. The 501c3 non-profit BK|Style Foundation (BK|SF) is once again bringing Fashion Week Brooklyn (FWBK) to life. This year the organization partnered with Brooklyn-based multidisciplinary communications firm Playbook MG for public relations of Design Dimensions April 2nd-9th 2022.
Fashion Week Brooklyn, like Brooklyn itself, is an experience of constant reinvention, be a part of the metamorphosis. — BK|SF Founder and Director Rick Davy
Brooklyn is cool and cutting edge, and there is a rich history of grit and determination backed by a proud history of art, entrepreneurship, and innovation. In 2016, then Borough President, now Mayor, Eric Adams officially recognized the BK|Style Foundation for Brooklyn’s premier fashion event and proclaimed BK Style Day (May 6). The bi-annual international collection show is a week-long event that has been etched into the fabric of the local scene.
Fashion Week Brooklyn (FWBK) – 2022 Design Dimensions (at a glance):
Sat April 2 – Kick-off with Refashion Week “Sustainability”
Sunday, April 3 – Sustainable Kidswear
Monday, April 4 – Digital Design X NFT
Tuesday, April 5 – Brooklyn Way – The Clubhouse Vibes
Wednesday, April 6 – “Time after Time” an 80’s RETRO-spective
Thursday, April 7 – Sustainable Fashion X Vintage
Friday, April 8 – Streetwear x RTW x Couture “Made in NY”
Saturday, April 9 – Design Dimension Runway
Sunday, April 10 – Runway and Brunch – Special Wrap event
To view the entire schedule, click here:

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