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Black-ER for Sting Show

Since the start of the year, there is a buzz in the air for Portmore dancehall champion, Black-ER. That buzz has turned out to be a Sting performance set for Jam-world, December 26, 2023.

Portmore punters are preparing to place heavy bets on Black-ER, although he is not close to heavyweight stallions, like Spragga Benz, still kicking up a storm even after 20 years in the business.

Other giants booked for the show, include Macka Diamond, Fantan Mojan, Anthony B, Capleton and Bounty Killer, according to Isaiah Laing, Principal of Sting.

Some Montego Bay residents, like Doubtful Thomas, claims Black-ER has pure mongrel blood and gone are the days when he could step pon dem like cockroach.

Black-ER fires back with, “Don’t ever under-estimate Black-ER, you could lose the one pair a Clarks you work so hard to have. In fact, Sting is no Caymanas Park, although they are close neighbours.

“Black-ER will be out to entertain scores of ladies, backstage, on stage and elsewhere. Portmore is my home,  so I will be very comfortable on stage.

“You may have seen Black-ER On Stage, CVM TV, and if you could see my fans, at home and abroad, how much them “galang” for Black-ER, you would say things a happen for the former Kingston College student.”

In 1996, Black-ER, a member of the Get Rich Crew performed with one of the world’s greatest rappers, Notorious BIG aka Biggie Smalls.

“That was a glorious year for Black-ER, a year which goes down in history. A year when Sting pulled out some 30,000 fans.

“Four of us comprising the Get Rich Crew, (Macho kid , FreshX, Little Wicked and myself ) met Biggie Smalls at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel. There we worked out our presentation.”

The Crew arrived in a spanking white limousine which drove us backstage where Biggie Smalls relaxed for his performance.

“Biggie performed, then Black-ER unleashed two of his hits, “A Gyal Just A Watch You” and “Pickney Nah Hold Man Again”. During that  performance the Get Rich Crew, threw thousands of dollars from two black leather  suitcases in the frenzied crowd.

Isaiah Laing, promoter of Sting who flew Biggie into the island, felt the show was a great one. That was Biggie Smalls last big show before he was murdered in 1997.

Black-ER, born Donovan Blackwood is a past student of Kingston College.

“I used to entertain schoolmates by singing the hits of Michael Jackson and Bob Marley.” he said.

He has credited Stone Love for promoting his music worldwide through dubplates. His latest project is, “Tik Tok Chaka Chaka” and “Wake Up JA”.

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