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Bounty Killer Talks Sting, D’Angel, Demarco Explicit Video & More


Outspoken deejay Bouny Killer is known for speaking his mind on current issues in dancehall.

The dancehall giant sat down with Winford Williams of OnStage last weekend where he spoke out about Sting 2013, the ban on D’Angel and Sizzla, and the recent explicitmusic video released by Demarco.

Bounty Killer says Sting promoters staged a successful show but missing a key element of dancehall.

Killer also said Sting declined to pay him his requested fee and that speaks for his absence.

“Everybody know Sting has a problem giving artistes what they required and demand,”Bounty Killer said. “I asked for a certain fee and it was declined so that’s all they didn’t want to pay me what I had asked for.”

“The show was a good production but Sting is known for hardcore and hardcore was missing,” Killer added. “It’s just the two little clash made you felt like it was Sting… The hardcore people were not there… Bounty Killer, Mad Cobra missing, that is our platform. Mavado is there but he is more on an international level, Aidonia is having funwith the girls. That is the two other artists I would say have to take that energy and that spirit but there weren’t on that vibes during the end of the year.”

Bounty Killer also defended D’Angel from being banned by Sting promoters.

“Is it the first you ever see a girl come and go on with antics and x-rated behavior on stage?” Killer questioned. “That is dancehall and when since Sting become a gospel concert.”

Bounty Killer also defended Sizzla Kalonji but didn’t spare Demarco.

“It look a way because we have to remember we have a culture in dancehall music, because you can’t do the music and left out the culture… that is not dancehall,” Bounty Killer said about Demarco “Ride” video.


Watch the full interview below.




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