Boys & Girls Champs … SPORTS VIEW: 5 Straight Wins For Calabar … 26 Overall … Edwin Allen Tops Girls … 3 In A Row …

Champs 2016

The very successful and popular Boys and Girls Championships regarded as the world’s largest and best organized games at the high school level with some 195 schools nationwide participates.
The Championship games is run over 5 days (Tuesday to Saturday, March 16 to 20. A capacity crowd 35000 crammed into our National Stadium aka Independence Park in St. Andrew, Jamaica W.I. Grace Kennedy/ISSA lchampionships.

They were competing for the Mortimor Geddes Trophy.

Picture shows Kennedy’s CEO Don Webby (red with white collar top) right handing over cheques(checks)totaling over a million Jamaican dollars to 3 schools in 3 separate counties.

Total points for Calabar for boys 287.5 for boys and for girls Edwin Allen 329.5. They both retain their respective titles. Christopher Taylor and Junelle Bromfield were among the stand out athletes from CALABAR & St. ELIZABETH TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOLS respectively.

Sports Commentary

We little but we tallawah, so do not look at our geographic land mass. We have depth and stamina.

Based on the quality of the performances Jamaica’s athletics programmes look good for the short and long terms. Records tumbled and stars were unearthed. We will be world beaters for years to come.

The high school programmes are getting better each year and so are the “purchasing” of athletes from school to school. It is not official but there appears to be an underground movement to achieve the best for each school so they can look good on the big stage. The NBA and even countries do it. You be the judge as to the ethics of it. We see no wrong and say ride on your majesty. Just abide by the rules. It is a free market.

We have no evidence that cash is actually used as inducement to sweeten the pot to help facilitate transfers.

Expect to see more Bolts and Frazer-Pryces in the near future.

Photo & story/commentary by Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie who is Senior International Correspondent for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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