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Brand New Single -Tasha T- Spread Some Love

RasVibe Records Inc releases Tasha T’s brand new single, ‘Spread Some Love’available on all major online streaming outlets, July 21, 2017.

This song is to uplift and encourage ones to “Put Down Those Guns” and “Spread Some Love”. Tasha T will not only be spreading this message through her music, but she will be visiting community centres and schools to participate in inspirational discussions, words of encouragement and so much more.

Tasha T Quotes

 “Love is the answer and love is the only way for the world to live in peace and harmony. We need to think about the children of today growing in this situation. The children follow and learn what they see and what they are being taught. It’s time now that our people wake up and build a brighter future for us all”.


‘Spread Some Love’ features talented musicians including: Brenton “Tremma Keys” Messado  (Studio Production & Keyboards), Sly Dunbar (Drums/Percussion), Steve Golding (Guitars), Delroy “Worm Bass” Nevin (Bass), and I-Saxs (Horns). Not only we would like to thank the musicians, RasVibe Records would like to thank, Danny Maestro, Paul “Patchy” Wright, Lynford “Fatta” Marshall, Chris DaleyDesigner BarrettRenaldo Tremblay, and SV Graphics for their effortless time on this magnificent project.

We appreciate your support!

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