Breaking News: INDECOM Slams MOCA Bill

On Friday May 26, 2017 INDECOM Commissioner Terrence Williams speaks his mind.

The Commissioner of the Independent Commission Of Investigations (INDECOM) has slammed the proposed bill establishing a separate investigative body which will focus on major crimes like fraud, lotto scamming etc.


The Major Organized Crime Agency (MOCA) will be a separate force operating independently of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), like the FBI in the USA.   This new law enforcement body is being established by statute.  It will have its own head and is a creature of Parliament.

“Should a MOCA operative injures or fatally kills a citizen in the course of their activities … there will be no immediate oversight.”

There is a tribunal which acts as an oversight body but such a body is under the direction of the political directorate … the Minister whomever that may be at the time.

In the U.K. from which this new body (MOCA) was fashioned, has an Independent Police Oversight Body that is similar to INDECOM.  Asserts Terrence Williams in an interview monitored by VISION’s SIC.

Violation Of Privacy

At a press conference called by INDECOM concerns were raised about the lack of privacy legislation to protect the rights of citizens in Jamaica as it relates to surveillance by police.

See future perspective on this and related issues.


In our view the INDECOM COMMISSIONER is right on the money. We support his calls and await government’s response.  The rights and privacy of the citizen is paramount in safe guarding us against official abuse in any democracy.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International Correspondent & photojournalist for Vision Newspaper/gtaweekly.

Photo from: www.psoj.com

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