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Buju Banton Tribute from New Jersey Landmark DJ Banky Hype Ignites Great Adventures

New York , New York (August 21, 2018) As the countdown continues to the release of Grammy award winning reggae artist Buju Banton, there is a climate of excitement and high anticipation around the world for his release.


Over the weekend (Sunday August 12th) Trinifly Promotions staged their 13th annual Caribbean Concerts at Six Flags Great Adventure, which hosted a large line up of artist from the Caribbean. Headlining this concert was Alkaline, Bunji Garlin, Kes The Band, Lyrikal, Patrice Roberts, just to name a few. Yet, it was one of the DJs of the night who is being commended for his stellar performance and showmanship.


Banky Hype, who is the MC for the DJ-group, Dem Rah Rah Kids, is also labelled as New Jersey landmark. The title of ‘New Jersey landmark’ was bestowed upon him because of the city he resides in and his powerful representation when playing all over the world for his city, New Jersey. ‘His performance is like no other, Banky Hype makes you feel the music in your feet, stomach, heart, head, blood;; man he makes you feel the music in your soul when he plays” say Kofi Marshal of Edison New Jersey.

On Sunday August 12th Banky Hype took to the Great Adventures stage, in front of several thousand patrons, who have been enjoying the show since earlier in the day. During his segment, Banky Hype and his DJ decided they wanted to pay tribute to the living legend Buju Banton, but to their surprise the crowd response would result in them not even having to play the songs.
Banky Hype started his tribute segment by saying, “when I heard on the news and they said December 2018 Buju Banton a come a road” the crowd erupted followed by his DJ immediately playing  Buju Bantons’ ‘Wanna Be Love’ and for the next minute the packed arena would sing in unison line for line. Banky would continue to play a few more Buju Banton selections and each one received a thunderous roar from the crowd.

“Just imagine on stage in front of a crowd of thousands becoming your choir. There was no need for me to say anything or for my DJ to play anything,. Buju Banton is one of few artists who has this type of impact on any audience we play for there is a ” says Banky Hype.
The video has since been posted on Buju Banton official IG page as well as by several fans and rappers.

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