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Bunting Breaks His Silence On Loss To Rhoda Moy Crawford

December 4, 2020 | By Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie |

Ever since the shock loss by Peter Bunting former 3 term MP for Central Manchester for the People’s National Party (PNP).  There has been mounting speculation if not anticipation to hear from Peter Bunting. He has been deafingly silent.  There have been many theories why he lost his seat. Veteran political watchers were surprised but not shocked. Those in the know knee that Central Manchester was a marginal seat. Meaning that it could go to either party.   It certainly is not a safe seat.  Bunting has had a winning formula and narrowly won it for three terms but he was still considered vulnerable.

Peter Bunting speaks:

“Since 2017-2020 opinion polls were pointing to a swing to the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP). Central Manchester has been a marginal seat … the JLP having won by a landslide this seat would also swing to them”. It was a candid Bunting who spoke openly in an interview monitored today by Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie on Nation Wide News Network.  (NNN).

Bunting’s Anslysis

“In 2011 the PNP got a landslide, this seat was won by me.  In 2017, I won the seat with a 32-28 national seat count.  And in 2016 it was even closer 32-31.  In 2020 a JLP landslide 49-14. I lost the seat to Rhoda Moy Crawford. It was not surprising to me.” Responding to the possible reasons for the loss, Bunting said:

“The candidate had an impact, the leader and the party. During these three terms I performed well, I always fight even if it is a losing task. Look at Southeast St Ann, a JLP candidate was sent in at the last minute”  He almost won over Lisa Hanna.  Hanna almost lost a known and usually safe PNP seat. She won by only by 32 votes on a recount.

South Manchester

To further concretize his point the Senator designate Bunting cited this example:  “South Manchester also was a safe PNP seat. A JLP candidate was sent in at the last minute also. A huge national swing was the factor for my loss.”  Bunting concluded.

To Be Sworn In Today Friday

Bunting was named Opposition Spokesman on National Security & when sworn in today (Friday December 4, 2020) as a Senator will be the new Leader of Opposition Business in the Senate. He replaces Donna Scott Motley who will be his deputy. Continuing Bunting stated: “I am now 60 … I have no plans to run again for leadership … I think I am too much a poloirizing figure  … Golding is 5 years younger than I am. I persuaded him to run after our loss to the JLP.  I played a unifying role in 2011 as General Secretary to give the PNP a landslide.  I am back in Parliament”.  So concluded a delighted sounding Bunting.

Editorial Note

Peter Bunting can be appointed a Minister of Government from the Senate should the PNP form the next Government constitutionally due within the next 5 years.


This was a very frank and open interview by Bunting. You could say no holds were barred. It was indeed refreshing to hear him pour out his soul.  We wish him all the success as be moves forward in the Senate.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is a veteran journalist who is a close watcher of politics with an international exposure. 

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