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West Indies Social Club Celebrates 74 Years of Unity and Community Spirit

Hartford, Connecticut – The West Indies Social Club (WISC) in Hartford, Connecticut, marked its 74th anniversary with a grand gala celebrating the enduring spirit of unity and community among the Caribbean Diaspora. The event, held on April 20, brought together over 400 attendees, including Her Excellency Audrey Marks, Jamaica’s Ambassador to the United States.

Ambassador Marks hailed the founders of the WISC as visionaries who, since its inception in 1950, have cultivated a culture of togetherness and demonstrated the collective power of the Diaspora. She commended the Club for upholding its mission of fostering a “home away from home” for West Indians in the region.

Addressing the attendees, Ambassador Marks emphasized the importance of unity, echoing the theme of the gala, “Ignite Unity.” She noted that the strength of the Caribbean Diaspora lies in its diversity and collective spirit, as embodied in the motto of Jamaica and other West Indian nations – “Out of Many, One People.”

Club President Beverly Redd announced the upcoming establishment of a museum at the Club’s complex, scheduled to open in October. The museum will showcase the rich history and contributions of Hartford’s West Indian community, serving as a testament to the enduring legacy of unity and resilience.

Reflecting on the Club’s origins, President Redd highlighted the challenges faced by early West Indian migrants in the United States, particularly under the British West Indies Temporary Alien Labour Programme. Despite adversity, the founding fathers of the WISC came together to forge unity and build stronger connections for survival, laying the foundation for the vibrant community that exists today.

In addition to celebrating the Club’s milestone anniversary, Ambassador Marks used the occasion to extend an invitation to the 10th Biennial Jamaica Diaspora Conference, emphasizing the theme of “United for Jamaica’s Transformation: Fostering Peace, Productivity, and Youth Empowerment.” She underscored Jamaica’s progress in various sectors and encouraged diaspora engagement in the nation’s development efforts.

As the celebrations concluded, attendees expressed gratitude for the opportunity to come together and celebrate the rich heritage and camaraderie of the Caribbean Diaspora in Hartford.


The anniversary gala of the West Indies Social Club serves as a poignant reminder of the resilience and unity inherent within the Caribbean Diaspora. Through decades of challenges and triumphs, the Club has remained a beacon of community spirit, providing a sense of belonging for generations of West Indians in Hartford and beyond.

Ambassador Marks’ remarks underscore the importance of diaspora engagement in Jamaica’s development journey, highlighting the valuable contributions of overseas nationals to the nation’s progress. The upcoming establishment of the museum at the WISC complex is a testament to the enduring legacy of unity and cultural heritage within the diaspora.

As the Caribbean Diaspora continues to thrive and evolve, events like the WISC anniversary gala serve as vital platforms for celebration, reflection, and reconnection. They remind us of the bonds that unite us across borders and the collective strength that emerges when we come together as one people.

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