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Cabana City To Light Up Waterfront For Christmas


The waterfront, downtown Kingston, is set to be decorated with an array of beautiful people, exotic fashion, and an electric vibe this Christmas with the return of Cabana City Reserve.

With their theme, For You, Not for Everyone, Cabana City Reserve’s organisers are promising a standard of entertainment, decor, alcohol, and culinary delights of international quality.

Scheduled for Saturday, December 21, along the Kingston Waterfront, the event will be decorated with a number of cabanas by Jacqui Tyson and have DJ GQ out of Miami headlining the entertainment, alongside Dei Musicale from Trinidad, and Jamaica’s own Kurt Riley and DJ Cruise.

Catering will be provided by Tyson, alongside Shea Stewart and his Elite Kreations team and will include desserts from Sarah Michelle.

Sponsors of the event include Johnnie Walker, Digicel, Ciroc, Pizza Hut, Blueprint Studios, Exotic Destinations, Dream Entertainment and Sunnation.


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